Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Post Contains Win

My alarm went off at 6 this morning. I couldn't wait, because I totally couldn't sleep at all last night! All I could think about was getting 99 agility and trimming my cape and making my "cake" and everything!!

I logged in at about 6:15 and killed time by cooking monkfish on fires that people were lighting in the GE. I managed to get both stones (woot!) and all but about 80 of the 500 monks cooked before I decided it was time to hit up Brim!

With growing excitement I plopped down in front of the ladder watching people accumulate. As the time drew closer I told everyone to go down and then did the ropeswing about 20 times to bring my 641 xp closer and closer to 1. When I was too low to swing without leveling I walked the plank and ended up 5 xp away:
There I sat for about 15 minutes, waiting for people to get here! Since I had it planned for 7am on a Saturday all the Americans set their clocks for 6:55 and then got up. LOL! Finally everyone was there so I told them to do the zombie dance when ready, in honor of Kitty Molly who was not able to attend in pixel but was thinking of me and was there in spirit. She told me to throw in a Thriller dance for her so I surely did!

The time was now!

With shaking hands I started Hypercam and clicked the plank; in essence, "walking the plank" for 99 agility. The fireworks erupted, my Defence cape trimmed, and I screamed with joy. I then looked up.

I could not believe my eyes at the barrage of comments! This was huge!! This was a big deal! I had no idea I'd get that much support!! There were probably close to 30 of my good friends there! I have never felt so loved! Thank you to all who were there to show support!! I had people there I haven't seen in years and even some people that I just met a day or two earlier came by to cheer as well!

I was spam traded and given lots of presents, including a fruit bat, fruit blast, and a ton of agility potions. Thanks everyone! :D I then climbed the ladder and went to purchase my cape. As soon as I bought it some triumphant game music went off which made me feel on top of the world! I quickly put it on and began spamming the emote that has become my absolute favorite. I finally remembered to open the skill guide and take a picture of this incredible achievement:

Huah!! I feel so pro!! I'm a real elf now with my defence and agility!

After the crowd died down those who were able went to play Trouble Brewing with me, which is a tradition of mine. I did it when I got 99 Defence and will get 99 cooking as I play when that time comes. I finally was able to take this epic shot of my very own Cape-With-A-Guy-On-It!
It was a very fun couple of games and I taught Twi how to play and he picked up fast! After that I set off to make my 99 "cake" and to finish my video. First I took a pic of my stats as they were at 99 Agility:

I then spent some time making the "cake" (OK it was less of a fruit salad and more like a fruit sculpture but hey it was pretty epic!), which turned out pretty sweet (lol pun)! It was eaten shortly after that. :PThe finished product! Check out the little avatar in the center made out of gumdrops. She even has flippers and an agility cape! BTW my shirt says "Lesko Diamond Approves."

The little avatar from the front...

...and the back!

I then put the finishing touches on my video and here it is!

I am proud to say that I can finally take this picture as the 3rd in this series:

Woot! So much win and a dream so distant finally here and real!!!! I'm off to enjoy the moment! :-)

Until next time...


  1. well its all-star and due to some location problems i missed your party!!!! ill congratulate u whenever i do get on have fun!

  2. RavenDarkEye06 March, 2010

    Nooooooooooooo! i couldn't make it!!!!!!!

    :( oh well, maybe cooking!
    next time not so early!

  3. OMG!! The congrats are so big for this that they comment box won't contain it!! I'm really sorry I couldn't have been there.

    Love ya PiePie! <3

  4. Awesome sauce :) Gratz again.

  5. This is awesome! Congrats!