Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Penguins and Musics and Minigames, Oh My!

The day started with me running agility and lots of it! I got 100k xp today, so that was pretty good. I took a break to meet A Piecemaker who was very excited to meet me.

Meanwhile Eman was on his way for 80 agility and woop woop he got it!! So, I got to show him gnome :-D

After a while I decided to do the pengs, as they were all in easy areas, and took SaporGenitor and PlurFish with me. It was a lot of running and Sapor made this comment which made me LOL IRL. Upon entering Canifis we came across a tbird flock!

As I was running through the wild towards Varrock for the polar bear, I went to listen to the track "Eruption." What I found were 5 new tracks all in red called "Honky Tonky ..." Looked like there were honky tonk tracks of popular f2p songs to be unlocked in the bars! Woot!! I then headed off to get all of those and man, they are great. I recomment hearing them at least once. Sea Shanty is my favorite, but they are all good! I was tickled pink listening to them and HAD to make my dad unlock them too! He LOL'd hard as well. :-D

After a while I decided it was time to play FOG for the first time to unlock another music. Me and my dad tried an empty world which didn't work so we went to a FOG world. It too was empty so we had to settle for freeplay. It was fine except for two things. I have NO f2p armour AT ALL and was on lunars so I couldn't use the runes. I wore rc robes and a rune warhammer. Stylin, I know! I had no clue how to play so I kind of piddled around until something happened. It was sheer madness in there!

The round ended and I was the hunted. The lvl 40-50 peep found me quickly and asked if he could kill me so he'd win. I told him I had no clue what was going on and I was only there to unlock the music. I made his day! :-) We made small talk until he finally hit a nice 10 with his addy skimmy and killed me. I then took a pic of my stylin looks. Ownage.

All the killing made me hungry for some SC. I switched to the reg spellbook to test out air surge and was off to w158 where I played 2 nice rounds. There was no total domination and I enjoyed myself. Man, I really want 89 prayer! That mushroom cloud thing looks awesome!

After the 2 games I had 2 new SC hammers so I was off to my house where I got to work on some mog tables. I'm bored of oak doors so I moved on to something more spendy but much nicer. I look so cool at my table :-D
Then I got tired and went to bed after that LOL!!

Oh yeah I almost forgot! After some agil I did a little of my firegiant task. After getting insulted over my "fail untrimmed def cape" by a str noob def-hater who was openly high (lol what a character he was XD) and then coming to terms with him and making nice small talk, I noticed this little funny:

I love when I have strange numbers for my xp! I may go get a pray lvl soon then! :-)

Until next time...

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