Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 6th 90!! :D

Well today was sure interesting! It started with me getting that cooking stone whilst helping someone with the hangover cure so he could get flippers. I then got bored and surprised Peeky with some too-good-to-be-true news, which he pretended to fall for:

Also in Canting today me and Rafftank were discussing Strasbourg and ended up talking about names and I sort of casually was trying to guess his name when I decided on Levi's name:

Levi's name is, drumroll please, John-Henry-Andrew-Jacob-Michael-Carrigan-Smith! :P

Among that time Raffy suddenly shouted panic into the chat, saying he just glitched "like bad." It was the new ape atoll glitch!!! I couldn't pass this up and got my cameras rolling:

It was funny and me and Taia Marie had a great laugh over it. Merchy also encountered some people who glitched up and took pics in this post. I love having a camera now so I can do such wonderful things as film graphic glitches that just can't be justified by description alone!

I then descended into the depths of the Lag Cave to get that last 82k xp until 90 mining. It wouldn't be long now!

I brought a golem but soon went back and brought a bunyip instead which was much more useful to me. I then went to a world that I heard about a few months ago from a mod that has less people but still enough to make mining somewhat safe. So, if 84 is too laggy with the zillions of people, try 64! Thank you whoever suggested that! I remember it was at a star a while ago.

I then went on an impromptu mission and helped Jiblix defeat Damis, which he did quite easily:

When I helped Peeky do this on his quest pure we found an "appendix" to the north and told Jiblix to safespot there, which he did, and pwnt him!

For those who don't know, Jiblix was a lvl 3 skiller who has several 99's. With dungeoneering came a newfound love for combat and within a day he was already lvl 60! He's also a mod, and a really nice person. :D I think he finished the quest after that too! :D

After that I returned to the less-populated LRC and before I knew it I had it!!!!

Woooooooot!!! 90 mining!!!! This makes my 6th skill to break that barrier! :D I can now do every star any time I want and can mine a really good ore in dunj! Holy cow it seems unreal that my mining is actually 90! Soooo exciting!!!

After that I had just enough time to do the penguins for the week and am now 17k from 77 rc and blood runes!!! :D I can't wait to get that! Then I can make my own runes for metal dragon runs!

It's time for bed and I am sooo tired. Good night all!

Until next time...

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