Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elegy for a Wireless Mouse

My beloved, green, wireless mouse kicked the bucket today (technically yesterday as it's past midnight). I don't know why but I am especially sad about it. That little mouse has served me well for the past year and a half. It was working fine and then it just... died. The signal in it quit working. :-( So, I decided to post in honor of its wonderful life.

O lovely green wireless mouse,
let me recall the times we've had.
Only with your wonderful aid,
I created this blog.
We've gone on many a journey together.
You were the mouse that got me 99 Agility,
99 Defence, and 99 Cooking.
You were the mouse that defeated the monsters of Desert Treasure and more,
and got me my Quest cape.
You were the mouse that helped me out,
with my wonderful Youtube videos.
Your enamel is coming off,
as you were heavily used.
In every little nook and cranny,
is cat hair.
I think my handprint is clearly engraved in you.
You fit into my palm so perfectly,
(that's what... she said?)
Your death was very quick,
but still shocking.
The temporary mouse I have,
just isn't the same.
O lovely green wireless mouse,
I will miss you. :'-(

In memory of Green Wireless Mouse
December 2008 ~ May 2010

I can't bear to throw it out so I am "donating it to science." In other words, I am waiting for an opportunity to recycle used electronics and will then give it away there. I'm sure it will end up being dissected by a young, aspiring engineer. Or maybe I'll just keep it forever because it's so worn that it's comical, really. Now I have to shell out some money and get another one just like it. I'll never forget my wonderful mouse.

Written lovingly by Full Of Pie :-)

Until next time...

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