Friday, May 7, 2010

Yet Another Skill Hits 80!!

Wooooooooooot!!!! After going to my familiar favorite range training spot of lessers....

...and using my DFS on em too!!

I got my Ranged level to 80!!!!!!

Look at the teeny fireworks to the right of my head! :P

And my oh my what a list there was!!!!

Most of it was Dunj stuff but wooot @ being able to wield and wear c5 st00f and finally being able to do Dorgesh Kaan! I did learn, after the fact (of 99 agility), that I can do DK without 80 ranged but now I can do it all! Woot! I may have to go try it sometime lol...

Anyways today something happened that depending on the person can be handled a million ways, most bad. I call it a failure in communication. I was at the ge, having just finished a bunyip at warp torts, and was selling some stuff. A guy named Forgotn Pker asks me to buy him 100 "air bs." Being nice, I asked him if he would pay me back which of course he said yes so I bought 100 air orbs, thinking that's what he meant. I traded him and he declined. Uh oh... He was gonna tell me something else. Oh whoops! He meant battlestaffs!!! Not orbs! Even thought I said "Hmm, 100 air orbs?" and he said yes. Realizing my mistake I could do one of many things. I could call him a noob and leave. I could argue, realize it was me who erred, and leave. Or, I could realize my mistake, buy 100 battlestaffs, craft 100 air bstaffs, and then sell them to the pool lad. I of course chose the latter, because I am nice. :P

So, I "lost" 1m buying 100 air orbs and bstaffs and explained to him that I read and understood it wrong and that I was going to fix my mistake and still get him his air bstaffs. Of course amongst all this chaos I lend out my tassets so I am standing around in melee gear sans pants... He was very happy that I was doing this for him and I was happy that I was helping someone out, AND getting craft xp! Before long I had them all done, getting about 15k-ish craft xp, getting 900k for them, and making this guy very happy. :-) I didn't "lose" very much, only about 100k, but I found 300+ unsold grenwall spikes in my bank which more than made up the difference. He asked me as I was crafting them if I lose money by buying everything. I said "yup" but really in the grand scheme of things it isn't a lot... I mean, just 100 isn't bad. I could easily find something in my bank worth that to sell...

So that is my story for the evening. The moral of the story is be nice to others. :P Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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