Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stoning Time!

Well the day started with me finally completing week 9 of my statue! Finally a week that was easier and that I had done days in advance! :D So, I spent the day gathering up stones. The first one I got was an herblore one. No second yet but it'll come if I have to scrub every herb on earth! I did get the crafting, smiffin, mining, construction, fishing, and woodcutting ones all done with plenty more to come! I also somehow squeezed in doing the week's penguins with Kayla and got my xp till my next herblore level cut in half! :D

I did an evil tree today and there was a guy there dressed, no joke, like a tree and it was such a cool outfit that I had to take a gazillion pics!

His name was KING 0F YEWS and he looked like a log XD

He had an untrimmed wc cape, green dreads, royal crown, splitbark, d hatchet, and a fremmy wooden shield (not shown during chopping animations).

So precious! My idea of a tree is similar and includes a monk robe bottom, camo top, green wild spiky hair, and a nature tiara. :P

I got a clue scroll, actually from that ditched effort tree last night, and solved it, making a video which will be up soon if I remember. :P I got marginally good things too and didn't have to buy any crap! :D

OK the rest of these pics will be in semi-random order. A lot are from yesterday but didn't fit in the post so here goes!

Yesterday when I was on lunar magic for a while, I ran across DSyplex. He was that guy that my "butt-surfing" glitch movie dood was following around, but I remember him more for his really funny video that is on his channel. I followed him and repeated the lines (OMG and emo! Do something emo!) but he was either AFK or had public off and disappeared, leaving me looking like a fool. :P

Kayla always makes me laugh:

I have 400k worth of xp plz use me! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. :D

I saw a guy with an amusing name in Catherby Bank:


Today, when xCurt entered the chat, this hilarious chorus of name shouting occurred:

LOL! This is why I love Canting. :-)

Later on me and Vandy played some SC and I had my very first Class 5 Swarm!! Awwwww! :D

Woooot! This is a moment when I realized that I am not a noob! Also the fact that I could make and wear whatever I please. :D

I did a little Con after that and got the two stones quickly plus about 100 con xp! SC is fun again and I look forward to all those games I have to play. It's about 20 hammers per million xp and I am only 86 so I have a lot of hammers to get but it should be fun! :D

Finally, there were not 1 but 2 parties I went to for skillcapes. I guess today was the day to get a 99! First, my friend Mark (known right now as Marktonikkle but also known as PK Major1 and Sabre Mark) got 99 Mage!

He got it by alching his fletching cape. Epic! XD

Later that night Coopee4 got 99 Mining!

Wewt! We celebrated at his house and then went off by trying to do an M&M star but it turned out to be a level 1 bickerfest between homeworlders and "crashers" in Burgh de Rott so most of the party couldn't come anyway. Coopee got about 1 swing before it tubbied and I didn't even get 100 dust. Oh well, gratz to you and Mark!

I ended the night by getting my wc rocks at ivy with Rediculouswc (I hope I spelled it right). I realized that I was only 30k to a level and got the 2nd stone with just 3k to spare, making this the first time I leveled from adding my stones to the statue:

87 Woodcutting ftw! It's all from Shattered Heart and evil trees too. I might have 99 woodcutting soon at this rate... :o

Well it's late and I better get to bed if I want to get anything done! Good night all!

Until next time...

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