Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stones n Stoof

Today was kind of a random day. First, I logged in with fresh lep magic so I chopped away at oaks and got a raven egg nest! Woot! I also got a palm seed and a willow seed in that time. :D Just then, Sabre Grief got Torag's Hams at Barrows and was mad about it because they suck. Well, I think they look neato and have always wanted a pair so I offered to buy them. I met up with him in Canifis where I saw this ownage and funny name:

Yak Yo Pak! :D He's the one sitting down in bottom left with Sabre Grief next to him and me above saying "kk." All my millions of snape grass and zammy wine finally bought so I set off for the herb stones. After a break I was back at it and got them both! Yay!

After some piddling around and getting the 2nd cooking stone I decided to finally do my clue scroll. Well, of course I got rooted in the GE and got distracted by an evil tree which turned out to be a mage! And it was just me! So, I spent like 30 minutes burning it and chopping it until finally people showed up and it died. Free fm xp yay!! FINALLY I got my clue done and almost all were emotes. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful advice of Kitt Fox, I have a bank tab of such items so all I had to buy was a bone spear. My clue, in order, was salute in banana plantation - yanille anvil map - sawmill map - edgy moss giant green cauldron dig - shilo kissy kiss - and shrug in zammy wildy temple. I got a nice hefty reward too! :D

Woot! Green firelighters!! I'm gonna have fun with these... :D

I then set off for the fm stone, which I got almost immediately. These torag hams are good luck!

Finally I went to my house and just sat, hoping for that 2nd con rock.... -.- I got bored waiting so I logged for the night. It better come tomorrow!

For now I am off... I got my jury tomorrow *bites nails*. I'll be fine and I can't wait till it's alllll over! :D Then I'm mostly done for the spring term! :D

Until next time...

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