Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Of Slayer and Running Through Tirannwn

What a day! It started with me doing loads and loads of slayer! I started my xp counter sometime earlier and set off to see what I could do.

First I had terror dogs and they pretty much pwned my face:

I packed my inv full with lobsters and set off. Literally the MINUTE they became nonaggro I got bobbed and then they were aggressive again. Grrr! Luckily I just managed to do my task in one run but I ate all my food. Oh, and I got a granite helm! :D It looks like a grey afro. I know it made some pure happy. :D

After that I got Desert Strykewyrms! Woooot!

I went off first with waterskins then quickly nixed those and just used my tiara. They dropped all sorts of seeds and maxed out my bank. :o

Now I really don't know what Jagex was thinking but... let's keep this PG and just say I made a lot of dirty jokes about these... ;P

During my task I got 88 attack!!

Yay only 11 levels to go!!

Among this time Armmadylo showed me his new flippers! :D


Then Nezantra joined us. :D

Later that night I took a break from slayer and farmed a bunch and some other things, and went to play some SC for needles to finally craft my dhide.

Somehow I got a class 5 rock all to myself for the whole game! :o

Yeah I won that game! :P I've gotten at least 4 more 80's since I last played and made class 5 arrows the whole time. Owwwwnaaaage!!!

Nezantra had finally finished Underground Pass and was getting ready for Regicide. I said I'd help him so he eagerly waited for the messenger to arrive.

LOL at Vandy! :P

Finally, after an hour, he got the message and was off once again through the u'pass.

It's been forever since I've traveled this part of the u'pass! It's easy with 99 agility! :P

I eagerly awaited him as far as I could go (to the pressure point where you have to lay down the plank) and soon he had arrived! I eagerly took him down the well and past the random major obelisk until... finally... There we were in the beauty and pwnageness of Elfland.

I was showing him the pointless stick trap and all that stuff when a familiar figure appeared from the west. It was Fred Lay! What a sweetheart! He went out of his way to make sure Nez was safe! The three of us then made our way easily to Elf Camp and back.

While we were at the musician we all got rooted. LOL! We ended up finding the tree on the way to Tyras camp also. It was a yew! I tried in vain to get some firemaking xp by cutting with the bronze axe but alas I ditched that quickly and we set off to help Nez get the tar and stuff he needed before heading off to Rimmington for that annoying part of the quest that I kept screwing up. :P
Fred had to leave but before Nez went to do the rest of the quest we met up with Aquarianpixi who had just done Regicide and was now doing Roving Elves! :D

We danced and jigged for a while before I got this pic. Nez then went on to finish Regicide and can now use his dragon halberd! :D I helped Aqua finish Roving Elves and then she started MEP1 so I was able to meet up with her in Lletya! She celebrated by planting a fruit tree and I showed her where the star falls.

I then decided to do my lvl 1 clue I had from a tree and even though it took more work than it was worth I still got a decent reward:

It was a great day. :D

Until next time...

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