Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Small Post :)

Oog I am so tired and am going to bed in like 4 minutes. Today I logged in before school and did an evil mage tree, once again in Shilo. I was still there from last night's events and got rooted. :P I'm now under 100k till 85 firemaking! Woot!
Hmm... Then I fletched around for a bit. I had just started some more logs and went to the skill menu to see how close I was to leveling. Right when I clicked fireworks went off. Woot!

I can make mage longs with a fletching potion now. Woot! :P

Oh yeah and there were a bunch of updates to the skill emotes. I freaked out but thankfully agility is untouched. The sound effects are a little different and it's smoother now but phew!! I tried out the defence emote and it looks awesome! I'll have a comparison vid..... later. :P

I then finally did tears and got 37 Dunj. Not bad!

Heh heh, everything after lvl 5 thus far has been all tears and one round of pengs... :P

When I went there to tell Juna a story it turned out I told her about Catin:

Ki wahaen!!!!!

I then went to my house to "pimp out" my butler's bedroom which, since my epic remodel, has contained nothing but a bed and a clock. As I went there I had a strange graphical glitch, which is to be expected since Jagex has gone to a new system and even told us to be on the lookout. I took a pic and went to report it, but it was the one and only thing on the well-known list. Good, I'm glad it's not just me!

It says something about the dungeon ceiling peeking through the grass on the ground floor. Ah, so that's what that grey sludge is! It's even hollowed out where my garden dungeon entrance is (not shown). It flished and flashed with every frame change too and made my eyes hurt. Ugh...

I leave you with an amusing picture of my adorable top hat:

Hehehe it's so cute!
Goodnight all!

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    What luck. Log in and get another tree in Shilo. XD awesomeness.

    Oh, and since I had to leave so early after you logged in tonight I didn't have a chance to pass you this message (donno if this is an appropriate place for this. if not sorry. >.<): Neblo wanted me to tell you that his new blog is at Nebloputaski.blogspot.com