Thursday, May 6, 2010

Randomness This May Day

Well today was a big day because I was hosting the Canting Radio Show! It was really a lot of fun and we had lots of people talking and having a good time. That hour went by so fast! I got a little ADD in it and we started talking about graphics that really hurt our eyes. I of course talked about the RFD boss battleground, with its floaty white squares against solid black. Holy crap my eyes literally hurt when I moved my camera angle! Of course the killerwatt plane with its nasty flashing effects came up and I was bored of ranging velds so off I went in the most spectacular gear ever conceived and braved the eyesore to see if it's still bad. Dhide, insulated boots, an earth tiara, and a blessed sickle (the only non-whip, cheap stacker I had) and went off to kill them!

The flashes aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. They are very bright though which is annoying. On the way I got rooted so got even more ADD and killed an evil oak first before I even made it to Draynor. :P I killed 3 got down to about 400 life before I teletabbed out, regrouped, and returned to velds. I had no adverse effects from my killerwatt trip, thank goodness.

I then went to school, performed my solo (did well except for the last few bars where I royally screwed up, lol), went shopping with my mom, got a hawt dress that I love, returned home, and spent the next little bit at velds before hopping back over to school to hear one of my very good friends at his recital. He rocked it! It's so nice to hear someone on my own instrument sound soooo good!

Anyways after that I had to hurry home where I finished my veld task. I then did the circus for once and now am 19k to 80 range! :D Happy dance! I'm looking at getting that tomorrow. Even better, my new task is warp torts!!! Woohooo!!! I'll level slayer and attack tomorrow for sure!! AND!!!! That task pushed me over 400 points again so I bought the fast kill ability. Here we go fast kills all around!!! Woot times three!!

Well it's time for bed. I have no class tomorrow so I plan to tackle some of these longtime goals. Good night!

Until next time...

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