Friday, May 21, 2010

A Triple Feature: Post, Survey, and Flashback Friday

Woo what a day! First off, I tried like 6 times to add those last stones to my statue before FINALLY at 10pm my time I was able to do it!

I celebrated this 8th week done by cleaning all the herbs I had collected and got an herby stone. :D

Anyways earlier I was farming when I ran into JJ and had this hilarious conversation about what our capes must smell like:

It was so funny and made me laugh. I really wonder what certain things smell like, such as the warped tortoise sewer. That must be awful... I also wonder what a hunter potion tastes like... yum yum... Kebbit teeth and avantoe!

Today I decided to do something a little different and went to a place I haven't been in like 8 months. I went to Armoured Zombies! :D Man what a difference! I was hitting like... constant 300's and they barely made a dent in me! I mean, they didn't before but now I was almost invincible in my expensive gear! My purpose was to train some attack and when I looked I was only 97k from 87! Woot! So of course I got that done and got a surprise cb lvl as well!

Right before that last trip I did a star with Levi, Fred, and Tanya and got a pic of me, Fred, and Tanya hanging out :P

So that's what I did today... I finished off with an evil tree and plan to go smiffin tomorrow. I never got to sc but I will in time... :P

O yeah and yesterday a guy named Noble Gnomes asked me if I'd buy like 700k worth of living minerals off him so he could get infinity boots. I agreed and then went to sell them to the ge. Well, they wouldn't sell! :o I joked that he scammed me but knew he didn't. I never knew that if you bought something from a player it still had to wait 4 hours to sell in the ge. Who knew! I logged on this morning to find they had all sold and for max. Whew! I later ran into him and all was well. :P

PS- Armma I am taking you up on your challenge!

PPS- I also talked in great length on Skype today with Daisyjake1 and Sabre Grief. It was fun! :P


I found this survey on Kieyanar's blog. I thought I'd fill it out and post it here. :P

Skilling Idol: Jiblix! Even though he is no longer a lvl 3, due to an accident involving 5 Magic, he has almost 10 capes!

Person you look up to most: Kitty Molly. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends on Runescape. She's my biggest inspiration for getting 99 Defence and having Bandos armours. Plus a true friend, 100%. And I miss her a lot. Kitty, don't think I don't notice when you're gone! :wub:

Favourite famous player: Merch Gwyar. She's famous in the blogging world and that's famous in my eyes. Plus she is amazing! :D

Person you like going on random excursions with: Peekyface! We have gone on crazy adventures including wearing our quest capes and doing a full tour of RS whilst stat spying on people. :P

Person you like chatting with most: Kitty Molly, Peekyface, Merch Gwyar, Dalton, Vandyballer, Bigbigsniper, Arwyn Fireye, Jojododo9, and anyone else that I get into my long and fun PM's with. I love to chat it up!

Your favourite persons on Runescape: Oh I have way too many! I could never pick 1!

Your clan's name: Canting Away

What kind of clan it is: A clan of bloggers and people who love to chat it up.

Favourite memory from clan: The day I finally found it and met Merchy. That's a post for another day! :o

Favourite quote from the clan chat: “Erk, gtg, real life happened.” -Merch Gwyar

Your favourite item: Flippers!

Your weapon of choice: Whip for slayer and Lucky Cutlass for looksies :D

Your favourite costume: Anything with flippers, torag’s hams, and a bearhead. :P

Your skillcapes: Quest, Defence, Agility, Cooking

What skillcape(s) you're working on: Attack, Construction, Crafting, Farming

Your total level: Really high- 2080 right now

Your favourite skill: Agility!

Your favourite activity within that skill: Brimhaven Course and W46ATAT

Your favourite minigame/distraction: Trouble Brewing, Stars/Trees, and Shattered Heart

Your favourite random event: Classroom- 15x level for xp!

Your favourite quest: A Tail of Two Cats, Darkness of Hallowvale, Defender of Varrock

Your quest points: 300 -.-


I've wanted to do a thing for a while now called Flashback Friday. On this day I want to flash back to an earlier defining moment. Today I want to share the story of when I got my first really valuable and good item- a sceptre.

I had just learned how to play PP thanks to Kitty and was beginning to realize its speed and ease. She told me to open all the grand gold chests, which I later found out was to look for the sceptre. I also decided to open all the coffins because of even further chance.

I happened to be on Ventrillo when this happened which made it even better. I had just entered like room 3 or something and ran over to open the coffin. It's slow going and then an artifact falls out and sometimes a mummy appears. Well this time when I pushed it, my screen said "loading- please wait." Before I could put my thoughts into words I knew I had gotten a sceptre.

I appeared outside the pyramid with the guardian mummy yelling at me. It appeared at my feet since my inventory was full. I was talking in mid sentence when suddenly I started screaming the irl equivalent of "OMGOGOG@#*@T$RR#@T$@$@$%@(^R@R#!@!#!$$&)!@$(!@!!!!" I could hardly speak and I about cried because I was so happy! This was the girl who never once got a black mask. This was the girl who never got any trimmed platebody from a clue. This girl now had her very own pharaoh's sceptre!!!!!!! Woot!!!

I still have it and have never sold it. I use it to play PP and it's a vital part of the ease in playing. It will always be remembered as my first really good drop. :D

And that's my Flashback Friday! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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