Thursday, May 20, 2010

One More Dream Come True

Today was another epic day! I had an essay die for my history class so I got that all typed up and sent off and then I was off to play! I started out farming and came across this hilarious exchange between me and Badboy-Rcing:

Also today I hung out at Mudskipper Point to cheer Tanyakins on as she completed the miniquest and then tried for flippers. I got an awesome shot of me in the reeds:

And finally after a long time Tanyakins got the flippers!! Woohoo!

Man she was pwning those mogres! I remember them taking forever when I went on my quest for flippers... Then again, I was also about the same combat lvl as them, but man with her whip she was pwning them in like 4 hits! She wore her flippers the rest of the evening. :P

I then set off to get the fm and hunter stones, which I was not looking forward to. I got both firemaking rocks in the same inventory and only after the 2nd inventory so I was happy. :D I then did an evil yew and magic tree in a row and got more fm xp! So close to 85 now yay!!

Then it was hunter time. I was dreading it because hunter always takes forever but I was hopeful because all my stones except cooking have come in super fast this week! I headed over to grenwalls and began the hunt. I got my 1st stone about halfway through the first run (full inv of pawya + a birdo of pawya) which made me happy. I then went back for my 2nd full run and on the very last trap, which didn't even catch one, I got that 2nd stone! Woot woot!! I can't add it until tomorrow but for the first time in a few weeks I finished before a week was up!
Then it was time to go for something I have dreamed about for so long. It was time to get 80 hunter. I took some hunter pots and caught flutterbies for a while, using up 4 full pots. That knocked me down to about 40k till so I headed for my favorite orange salamander spot in the desert and was catching away. I got the classroom random with all 3 of my traps out and was so upset thinking that I lost them. Well, when I was teleported back there were my ropes and nets in my inventory! Woohoo! A wonderful update! I have no idea how long it's been there or if it was a hidden update but I am happy! I've lost so many traps to randoms...

Anyways the xp was melting away and finally I got that golden level I've only dreamed about. Here it was!!

Stealing Creation DOMINATION!!!!!! Look out everyone because I'm ready for SC!! Come to me Mackenzie!!!

Almost immediately after that I celebrated by playing a few games of Pyramid Plunder and got another lovely level:

Woot! 76 Thieving! Only 3 more levels until I can pick the pockets of those annoying 138's in sc!!! Heh heh!

I then did more farm runs and have a little over 2m already. I love how fast I make money now! It was by now very late and everyone in Canting went to bed so I went to a CC I was invited to called "Rs Outreach." It's a clan but also a place to report evil trees and stars and when I went there I recognized a lot of names, which was nice. I fit right in too! I told them about the star I was scoping and a couple of them did it. It was nice to feel important. :P I'll definitely consider it when Canting goes empty, as it does this late at night and at random times in the evening. It's helping me to be less shy. :P

Anyways I have a headache from being tired so that's my cue to exit and go to bed. :P I'll be cleaning my room and doing who knows what on Runescape tomorrow. :P Good night!

Until next time...


  1. Wooooo, flippers! I love them, I can't stop wearing them. xD They look a bit funny with my usual outfit though... I'll have to sort that out. :P

    I wrote about the Mogre pwning/flipper fun in my blog too. :D Check out my awesome screenie of us both jumping!


  2. I've been plundering like crazy lately. If you want some company, just send a pm. It always goes a little faster when you have company checking the doors :)

    Congrats on the hunting level! I need to get mine to 80 for SC as well. I keep putting it off...