Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makin Munni

Today turned out to be pretty darn ownage! It all started with my garg task. I got 2 granite mauls which is always nice. I almost missed the second one too.. :P

After that I went to Kuradal for a new task. 212 velds? Um, no thanks. I canceled and had to take whatever task she gave me next. I was hoping it was something not too bad. I got spiritual mages. Eek! Spirimages for the first time! I wasn't really keen on going there and reluctantly got geared up. I heard to just attack the ones attacking stuff and take a ppot or 2 for when they attack you. OK... I still wasn't too excited but I headed down with my dad behind my shoulder showing me where to go. I managed one kill and was slightly getting the hang of it. Then I killed another and two red things stared back at me.

I got my very first pair of D boots. :o I was in shock! This is my first dragon item drop EVER!! :D

Now I was feeling a little better and I quickly got the hang of things. Everything was going well and before long I was killing them like a pro. This was fun! On the 53rd kill I got another pair!

And another on the 103rd kill!!!!!

And another on 115!!@!@@!@~!@#!

Holy crap!!! That's over 2m!!!! I'm beginning to love slayer now! :D About 3/4 of the way through my task my dad showed up to kill some avies and to give me some food because I accidentally took a hit to a spiriranger and almost died. Oops...

While down there we found the door with all the symbols on it. Heh heh, zammy looks like a bum! OK anyways I was annoyed there was no Guthix but got over it quickly. After that me and my dad decided it would be fun to do a little lootshare in the godwars dungeon so we set off and killed mages, warriors, imps, etc long after my task ended. We had so much fun! :D

Our goal was to stay down there until one of us got d boots to see if it would split them or not. Well, you be the judge:

Heh, he got them! Like I care, I got 4 pairs myself! Plus I got a rune halberd drop so we're even! We killed a little more and then left for Varrock. Man that place is addicting! I did a little price checking on my more important wares and was quite pleased with the results. :-)

Yay, almost 3m in st00f! All but 1 maul sold when I logged and I am up to 13m cash now. :D I'm so close to a BCP then I can go nuts on 99 con! I am pretty sure that I have chosen con first and then craft because it's looking to be a little cheaper (minus the decking out) and I want Mackenzie! I'll need what like 40 hammers for 99 which will hopefully go smoothly as I get back into SC with all these new lvl 80 skills!

Slayer rocks!

I must go to bed as it's now well past midnight and I am tired, plus I have a rehearsal tomorrow. After that it's smooth sailing till Saturday. I wonder what what tomorrow has in store! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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