Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Stones, Epic Outfits, and French

Wowie! Today I got like half of the stones all taken care of! I finished up some Rhoonkreftin and then set off to go thieving, which I was very excited to do since getting Torag's Hammers. I was sooooooo proud of my outfit:

...Which included Torag Hams, a brown apron, cat medal, SC platelegs (aka camo pants), ardy cape, gloves of silence, flippers, and the bearhead. Now one thing I love is that my skin is essentially the same color as the bearhead which makes it all the more epic. I got the thief stones and then went to my house for the con stones and got some more pairs which I forgot because I am exhausted (summer school after like 6 hours of sleep... ugh) and eventually ended up in the GE after doing a s7 star at duel with Tanyakins.
My latest fun thing to do is use a French translator and say random and funny things to Fred Lay in French. :P He gets a laugh and I get to figure out how French works. :D I told him, in French, that I have a bearhead and spiked pants but it came out as "sideways leggings." I laughed so hard at that! XD And of course he is picking up on Catin so after I bought a watermelon seed form him he said "Saya" and I pretty much did a double take. It's awesome!

Anyways in my tired stupor I tried for the cooking stones next. I kept making a fire and then cooking monks and trout until midnight. I got one stone and hopefully the next will come soon! While there I saw an awesome aquatic outfit being modeled by Cokeyone:

Crab helmet, flippers, crab claw, harpoon, stripey shirt and pirate pants? Oh man you have me sold right there! Sooo cute how it's all put together!

In other random news that is mostly irrelevant I got so tired of my cabbages dying EVERY TIME I plant them that I finally sold them for corn. Because I replenish my supply each week I had well over 300 and got an unusual number of corn seeds this week (I usually only get enough for about 3 rounds) so I just went ahead and did it. And, for the record, I plant a different crop in every patch because I collect the seeds. I mean, I only really farm for the herbs but it's really nice to get some good extra xp and then sell the produce and make a little money. I even have a little system and it goes like this:

Pt Phaz- onions (almost always die)
Falador- tomatoes (because the lep won't note cabbages to prevent freeloaders from picking from the patch right below) or berries/melons if I have the seeds, since they have the most xp and I get the 10% boost or whatever with my Fally Shield 3. If I am growing a grab bag of herbs I put the highest xp herb here too.
Ardougne- cabbage (I'm on like 10 straight dead runs) or corn if I have it, with a scarecrow in place to assure I actually get produce.
Catherby- Potato (since it's the only seed left)

I have tons of cabbage/potato/onion/tomato seeds on hand and hardly any of the others so they are somewhat special. I usually grow 5 toadflax but if I have a task or pp the farmer I grow whatever herbs I get (I got an avantoe and kwuarm this week, woot woot!). I grow every marigold I pick from the farmer or off the ground and when I run out I grow limps. I have a stash of like 6 papayaya trees (thanks to the last 2 kingdom sweeps giving me 3 seeds each!) that I will plant in my Lletya patch every time I remember. Phew! I'll have 88 before I know it!

Anyways that was way TMI so I guess I'd better go to bed so I don't fall asleep in my class... which I almost did today... this class will either be really good or soooo boring, I can't tell yet but I'm leaning on boring. Something tells me that will change though, so I'm hopeful. :D Good night!

Until next time...


  1. Um, try planting marigolds to protect your onions? If you don't care about onions dying, then don't bother. :)

  2. Your French is way way better than my Catin