Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mmmmmmore Leveling!

What a day! I logged in on w60 with the goal of getting my tears and penguins all done. I really wanted 30 Dunj and figured tears would get me a level or 2... I mean, 5 levels was a lot to gain!

Hehe I love the stories I tell Juna. :P

I got 137 tears and when I drank them...

Woot!! I got 30 from tears alone!!! Yay yay yay!! Ranked for the winnn! This was most exciting because I now could use my penguin points on herblore instead! So, I got geared up and was at the GE when I spotted my friend Fat Poison who was also getting ready for penguins:

After we went separate ways we decided to hunt the penguins together so we met back up. :P

We were off! It was great fun running around not worrying about run (if you recall I met Fat Poison when I was very first running Barb, like before I even had 90 agil. He got 99 a few months before I did). All the penguins were pretty easy to find, even the 2 wild ones, and I was amused by the Misc Peng which apparently used some camouflage:

Can you spot the peng? :P

Soon we got them all and ran off for Chuck...

...where I put those penguin points on Herblore and got 78!!

Yay I can now waste torstol on a potion which serves virtually no purpose! I know it's useful for something but I can't remember what. It hurts you to drink it so it must be Dharok related... Anyone know if Zam Brew has a use besides xp?

After that I took a break but decided to come back and start on my bloodveld task. I got some weapon poison plus from a ninja imp on Mos Le Harmless when Fat Poison and I were doing penguins which led to this question:

How much does a vial of poison poison if a vial of poison could poison bolts? I mean really! I have 4 bottles of weapon poison that I thought was super restore at first and I feel like poisoning some knives or something.

When I logged in there was someone already at the mutated velds and they were ranging! I've never seen another person there other than my dad so I commented then was about to hop when the guy begged me to stay to keep him company. Well, ok then! :-) His name was Rooster356 and he was very nice. He only had like 20 left and I had like 200.

I was sad when his task ended and he left! We made great conversation and had a lot of fun. He even got a d med on his last kill! Gratz!! It really is lonely down here but with my new slayer helm I was hitting pretty high and therefore getting fast xp. Velds weren't being as bad as I remember so that was good anyway. I wasn't expecting to stay down for so long so I didn't being a slayer ring or gem. I wonder if I'll be able to finish my task in one go. I'll try! It sucks not picking up mithril ore though... and they drop unnoted pess. In one more rc lvl I'll be able to make bloods out of it!

Well I'm going to bed... I am (supposedly) hosting the Canting Away Radio tomorrow with Kayla so that should be fun. I then have to zip down to school because I get to play my solo in front of all the other brass and percussion students. It'll be an early morning for sure... Good night all!

Until next time...

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