Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Randomness this September Day

Well the morning started off right with me getting another surprise slayer level!

88 Slayer!! Another 90 coming soon! :D

After that, and after having done many dunjuns I thought it was time to take my main back for some frozen floor fun. :P I ended up doing 2 or 3 ice floors and then later I did floors 30-33 for the first time. Woo for Abandoned II!

I caught this funny which I have edited because it was really spread out. Reemile discovers that you can sound like a piano with your own body! XD

Directly after that he said nevermind, it makes you gag. XD I love the excitement though! XD

I got the Unholy Cursebearer a couple times and although I almost died both times (somewhat surprising as he is considered the easiest boss) I didn't.

The 2nd time around it was super close. Just like my closest nomad attempt, we were both redbarred- me with less than 1 hitpoint. I thought for sure I was dead but in the last second I managed to pull it off and pwn him! :D

After that excitement I went on Faerie Tana and ended up giving her a new wardrobe which in turn caused me to go to the salon and get new hair color. Goodbye pink and purple hair and hello red! I wasn't sure about the wardrobe colors and it took several minutes of trying combos but I finally found one that I totally love. I am so pleased with myself!

Say hello to the more witch-like Faerie Tana! She's less of a faerie every day! XD

I went back on Pie and finished off my highest floors, finally getting a new boss. Ohai Ballak the Pummeller! Your hammers make me wanna hum the wrecking crew song. Imagine if he went berserk and started hitting like the golden hammers on Brawl! Ehehehe!

With advice from Canting I somehow managed to not die! Woot!! It was close and he hit me hard but I prevailed and was led to victory!

After that excitement I went on Faerie Tana and ended the night by cutting trees and burning logs, going from about 8 fm/wc to 22 fm/20 wc in 30 minutes or so. Beefing up for maples! The novelty is so awesome! I love bein on hiscores too! :D

Other things I randomly did today were run a tiny bit of ATAT with Tanya, get both agil rocks, did a star with Tanya (who is in star mode and got 70 mining!!!), get and cancel bloodvelds, get steel dragons, get mad about that, and then sigh and put it on my to do list. Oh, and while I was at the agil course Rachy sent me a man after a craft assist and I noticed he had on a Smiffin cape and I've had a 97 Smiffin effigy for a few weeks now and he was kind enough to repay the favor and do it for me! I am now under 1m to 98!! 998k ftw!

Well that's all for now... I am tired from staying up late making my video yesterday. Cya tomorrow!

Until next time...

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  1. Gratz on lvl Pie, very impressive. And for Ballak, send send Jeffrey in, he pwns!
    Let's do a dung soon and get tons of XP