Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fox Jumped the Dog

Today, not a whole ton happened... I had an audition in real life which I thought I did pretty well on. I spent my time on RS slaying. I finished up my dag task and got an effigy from them. It's a 91 Herblore so I'll get my daddy to assist me later. :P

After that I got terror dogs and man are they terrible. I brought a titan and was doing just fine so I was paying attention to chat and not my health and I looked up and was like "oh how nice, I'm redbarred" followed a few seconds by "SAARAEL I HAVE 80 LIFEPOINTS!!!!!!" *spamclick sharks* It's amazing how fast I can go down at T-dogs. I had 80 hp and suddenly I had 8. Good hting they hit a ton of 0's because one more bite and I would have died and been like oooops... I then left for dinner almost totally unfazed but upon returning once again almost died. Man, these suck! Good thing it's like a 10 minute task.

After that I got greater demons. Well, first off I decided that since I had a titan out I should do Bork. Well, I got a clue from T-dogs. Whoops. So, I set off and did that clue first but I got the duel arena coords and you can't bring a summon in there. Grrrrr. Thank you to the guy I was trying to set up a fight with who told me. I am now enlightened. I eventually got it, after giving up my fire titan to the sky, and decided to eat the 5 random biscuits I had in my inventory. Well, as luck would have it my reward was 13 biscuits and various other stuff. So, I ate them all and then went to Skelehorror and Bork with no titan. It was easy, but no elite clue. :-( Oh did I mention I got rune rocks clue and a dark beast was there?? Ouch... I got away easily enough though... phew!

At the mo I am probably 1/3-1/2 through my greater task. As Peeky said, I am making an ashy mess. :D I stopped early so I could watch Dr. Oz and do my 14 pages of Chinese hw, both of which are done. I'll pick it up tomorrow and finish up my task. Oh, and I am around 20k from 95 attack! I'm hoping to snag that tomorrow. :D

Well, not much more to add yet... It's definitely changing from summer to aki (Japanese/Catin for fall; I think it's a better word than fall or autumn :P) and I am trying to pair snuggly sweatshirts with skirts. :P I'd better go to bed early... I got a test in Chinese tomorrow! Eek!

I leave with you this funny from today:

I need glasses... :P

Ohhhh and it's time for end-of-August hiscores!!

So lovely! Of note, I broke 15m agility xp, and uh... my attack is more than double my strength. I'll show you str nubs! Besides dunj, thieving is my lowest skill... XD IIRC it's almost 78 so I need to visit PP or something... I need to go dunjuneering but I've been too busy with attack to really go for it... I might do some floors during dxpw... Especially if slayer is swamped. :P

Gnight all!

Until next time...

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