Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Real Life and a New Runescapian Born

No post yesterday again... :o What the heck is up with August?? Real life happened so I only was on to do my Junglywyyrm task. I got not one clue but I got an effigy so I was happy.

Today I logged in and met with the people I had secured assists with. First I got my 91 rc assist from Victor Dors and Tanya was there so I could give her a craft assist and her next was RC so Victor grudgingly assisted her too. :P The next step on mine was 93 cooking so I grumbled about it and like 5 people quickchatted their 99 cooking. Oops... I had to explain to them that I am in fact 99 cooking but I hate getting cooking xp. Dunno exactly why but... eww... :P Next up was 95 Construction so I just reserved Peekyface again for tomorrow. Pleeease let it be 97 craft and not Fetch or worse... Smiffin! My other friend was supposed to give me an herby assist but because I wasn't on last night he got someone else. So, I called upon my friend Dalton who has 99 herby and amazingly he wasn't maxed! We met up and he gave my my 97 herblore and unwrapped my 2nd dragonkin lamp! Hello 43k craft xp! That's the xp in 1 sc needle. I saved a bundle! :D

I milled around and then went to do real life. It's auditioning season now so I got my horn out for the first time in... oh... 3 months. Shhhhh! It was terribly stiff so I had to oil it all up but I have really crappy rotor oil so of course the valves moved like I had poured honey down the pipes. >.> Ya think I'd learn... This happened last year too. So I had to go outside and flush it with water and start over. I found my good oil that I thought I'd lost and they work much better now. Still sluggish but holy crap I can push them! I also greased up my slide so it's all smooth as butter now. My lips aren't doing too badly and the flexibility is coming back fast. Now it's time to work out all the spots I have to play (which are REALLY easy... like, not even the hardest spots) and prepare a 2 minute solo. Bah I'll just use my jury piece... Hopefully it will go like last year where I play and he says "Well you're the only one who signed up so see ya Monday!" That's the pro of playing an uncommon instrument. For the win!

I came back and did some things. Notably, I had farmed a spirit weed seed that I had somehow acquired and had 8 spirit weed that wouldn't sell. Ok, I'll make summon pots. What?? Trice eggs not buying?? Looks like it's time...

...To dress in nothing but flippers, K3 gloves, mirror shield, whip, an h4 skirt, and my blue pirate shirt and tackle some trices on my own. It didn't take hugely long and after about 15 minutes I had 8 eggs. Boom, 8 summon pots. :D

Sometime later me and Chocobo played a game of SC together. I was so proud, I made my first witty comment ever! And I typoed. Fail. Oh well I am still so proud. XD

His name was "CallMeFrance" and he called a good game. That was such an open invitation. I typoed because the game was ending and I had to type it before we all left. I'm so glad he heard it. :P

The evening ended with a brand new Runescapian fresh from that place called real life. Apparently she was googling online games and something Kayla said popped up about Runescape so she contacted her and got instructions to make and account and join Canting. I guess Kayla was supposed to give her a tour but was gone so me and Zachy took over and toured her. We told Fred too and so he showed up there later. :P

Her name was Luos Rebbur which is Rubber Soul backwards. Clever! Kayla told her to have the same hair so she did. XD Oh man it's so amazing to guide a brand new person. Like, not just a new account or someone who is slightly familiar. This was a completely new face. It was like me when I started! She asked a lot of good questions and the 3 of us did our best explaining things for her. It must have been weird that one of the first people she saw was someone in full-out members gear rocking flippers, a chompy hat, and an agile cape. XD

We made it through Draynor, Wiz Tower, Lum, then the Lum cows, before finally ending up at Beefy Bill just south of the champ's guild. Man, that place didn't even exist when I was in that era of my RS life. We had fun and then she had to go but I hope she comes back and learns and soon becomes an uber quest beast skilling person like me/Merchy/Tanya/Fred/Kayla/Zachy. :P I can dream, right? LOL

Well I'm off to bed early... Gotta start getting up early in preparation for my 6:00-or-so wakeup. I have a feeling that will turn into 6:50 since I'll be showering at night, since I don't blow dry my hair and therefore it literally FREEZES in the winter. :o I'm so glad I don't really have to mess with morning busses! I did it last year and it sucks.

Anyways gnight all!

Unti next time...

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  1. Sweet, I can't wait to meet this new Runescapian. :D Kinda bummed out I missed touring around with you guys. My having a normal sleeping pattern is laaaame!