Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Amg amg amg clue scrollllsssssssss!!! New update came out todayyyy!!! I was totally on it! I started by doing my clue from weeks ago. No pics of the reward but I vidded it and will have that out eventually... :P I got 5 Meerkats Pouches and a court summons though so I was very excited!!!

I then set off to do the court summons which was against the Drunken Dwarf. I chose prosecute because I need the attack xp! XD

My goodness the victim was hilarious!! Jagex pulled all the leet and bot jokes! XD

He was even dressed like those macroers back in the day (cept he had a peekybeard) and lol... talks like my cousin. XD After a short time I was all done and got me some presents! :D

After that I was off getting clues. I did my entire LRC task and then got spirimages. Well luck would have it I got a clue on the 3rd kill. I really didn't feel like being in GWD at the mo so I killed 25 and left. I got a heraldic bucket helm as my reward which I sold. Poor merchy got a TT-Reward-Barrage when she went to her treasure chest... All those shields and helms are now sets so poof her bank was maxed as well as her inventory! Poor Merchy!! A ton of us offered to hold her stuff while she set off getting the bodies and legs. I only had 3 heraldic items that went to my bank when I looked so I sold them. I don't feel like getting the sets. I gladly sold to some people that do.

After that I decided to kill minotaurs for some lvl 1's. Well I felt bad for killing them so I changed my mind and got geared up for harpie bugs. Before long I had a lvl 2 clue and set off to complete it. I got 4 more Meerkats Pouches!! Woot! I later found out you can't make pouches into scrolls... :-( I hope I get some soon! Karl had amazing luck with clues, including an ancient cloak and a bat staff! I took a pic but copied over it! >:( It looks soooooo cool and I want one! :D

I then decided to camp at some abby demons in hopes of a clue/effigy/whip. After a while I got a clue! Yay! I went around and had millions of anagrams and no wildy clues! Speaking of, the puzzle boxes are bigger and the graphics are a little glitched but there's a little function at the bottom that sets it to done so you can see if you've got the right pieces in place! I love it!! No more looking at the finished puzzle on a guide and flipping back and forth! I got H2 Legs off this clue!

I was pretty excited because Merchy is on the lookout for all legs and skirts, so I refrained from selling so that I could give them to her. Meanwhile I put them on...

OMG they look SOOOOOO bad! XD I look like I have on a loincloth! Owell, they will fit someone's style I'm sure and as always will make a great collector's item. I hope Merchy takes them soon! I also heard someone got the H2 body so she'll have the full set! Yay!

I then decided to kill the Skelehorror and Bork in hopes of a clue. No luck but I passed bronze dragons and OMG they're lvl 131! So, I geared up and killed them in the chaos tunnels for a long time in hopes of an elite clue. I had a great time sharing with someone named iiAceso until we got crashed by an arrogant player. I then went north where there's just one bronze and continued killing it for like an hour until... WHOA!!!

I got 93 Attack!!!

My friend Kitty Molly logged in today too and we had a great time talking as always! We were both after clues and she finally got one before she was going to go to bed. She didn't get a great reward, like sweets and a rune body, but it was sooo fun to talk again!

Other funnies throughout the day were...

The fact that Jagex changed the shilo kissykiss clue. It used to be a bone spear and mystic hat. Well, kiss those goodbye cuz now it's a mud pie and a splitbark helm! Ughhhh I get helms all the time from ninja imps!! Luckily Karl lent me his until I can get my own. :D I made my own pies. It was really funny because people kept accidentally pelting the double agent with their pies and had to get a new one! As one player said, this is now a "troller clue." XD

The majority of my clues were literally next to each other! One of my lvl 3's had coords next to Mushroom then atop Trollheim. Another had me go thru that longgg tunnel to Gutannoth and then talk to one of the ogres that sells the disease cure.

I was soooo delusional because my blood sugar dropped. I was convinced I needed weeds to make a mud pie. It took me a good 20 minutes to realize I didn't... or even close... Wow.... Yeah I'd better eat some eggs or something... XD

Finally, here is another bit of win from somi:

"Your account should be deleted after that level of fail."

Good night all! I have sooo many d bones! Maybe I'll have a surprise prayer level! I'm planning on being clue scrollin for a while! ;D

Until next time...


  1. I <3 you so much! Yes, I want them please. :D

  2. congrats on getting one of the new rewards!
    good luck with finding more of them!!