Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafty Master

Yayyyyyyy!!! I got 99 Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-the-Cat-With-Mah-Hawt-Cape today!!!!! Craftypants is mine!!! My 4th skill to reach the big 99!!!

The morning started off with Trouble Brewing of course! After a game, I was like 68 xp off so I set off on round 2 and was making some lumber patches to repair what I instructed Tanya (who was on the other team) to break for me when I heard the little boodle-doo that the game makes when you reach your objective. Oh crap, you actually get xp in the game now and not at the end. I lvled early! Oooooops... So, I have no video of me actually leveling but you wouldn't wanna see that anyway... :P

Luckily many people around heard it and the air was filled with woots! 99 Crafting was mine!! So, the first thing I did was snap a pic:

...and then the first pic of me as a master craftsman:

Check out that outfit! Very stylin indeed!!!

I then went to admire my 99 in the skill tab and discovered that I had perfectly nailed the xp for 99. Woot!! Hooray for not going over!

I had to do a double take because it was so unreal!

Sooooo... I can now proudly tell the world that I leveled to 99 Craftypants by making a lumber patch. XD Of course a parade followed and not many people were there so it was a nice little stroll that I got on video. I did manage to get a pic of almost everyone who was there to celebrate:
Me, Tanya, elegant pie, Rachy, Fred, Bass Daddy

Also there at Trouble Brewing were Plur and Daantje but they had to leave. LOL, I just realized I don't have a pic of me wearing my cape! I'll have to get one later... For now here are 2 more pics for archive purposes:

My objective is all done! Let's remind ourselves of the first pic:

Halfway to done in 4 months and 19 days!

Aaaand here are my stats as they were at 99 Craftycraft:

Attack is soooo totally next!!

After I got my hawt cape and the party died down I made myself finish my wyvern task, which I did. Yay! Now it's done! I then got kalphites but gave that the middle finger so now I have greaters! I would have gone and did them but... I was too busy admiring my new cape and outfit so I killed Bork and then piddled around before deciding to do agility as my skill of choice. I went to Brimhaven for a change and to get closer to a pirate hook! I felt very overdressed as the other 3 peeps there were in nothing but spotty capes and default clothing. My cousin came along too and died... lol... It was weird not being asked why I still run agil, because I had on a different cape! Hehehe!

Here is my meh-tastic 99 crafting movie. Not my best, but it's better than cooking which didn't even get a video! XD

Good night all!

Until next time...


  1. Awww! I'm sorry that I missed this. :(

    Congrats on 99 crafting, Pie! <3

  2. Ditto @ merch.

    Congratz pie pie sorry i missed it <33

  3. Gratzy Pie....I had some much fun I forgot to take pic :( sorry ;-;

  4. Pie...edit my post...typo as usual: "I had so much fun"..It makes more sense :)