Friday, October 29, 2010

Stones and Statues

Today I finally finished another statue! I'm like 14 weeks behind now... lol... Owell that means the bonus xp will be rolling in for a while yet! I finally got the fm and cook ones and then it was time to catch chins. I caught a bunch and nothing and then finally.....

Woot! I got them!

I then went to a little mini party at Barb Agil for M Knightpiss getting 1k total lvl!

We had quite the little party down there! Gratzy! He got 40 Agility which got him the magic 1k total. I got an agility rock while waiting for him to hop. :D

Later I was doing stuff at the GE when a guy in a slayer cape named Geoff came fming on by!

Hehe I love when people get original names!

Well I am so very tired so it's time for bed. Busy day tomorrow! Good night all!

Until next time...

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