Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dragon Slayer

Today was a very eventful day! First off I logged in with a Shelley and 120 lp. I didn't feel like going back to wyverns yet so I took the time to enchant my almost 500 air orbs. I later bought 4m worth of bstaffs from my dad and made back that and a lil more, pushing me back up to 31m. Yay! I also got almost 70k craft xp form it, plus my 30k from effigies, and am how under 500k till 98! Yayay!! SC is starting to look more and more appealing as I need less and less tools. XD

After that I did my clue scroll and got quite a big reward. Not worth a whole lot, but still a lot of stuff!

After that, me, Tanya, and Fred all went to Bork together and pwnt him up. Afterwards, I went and beat up the Skelehorror. No clues, but xp is xp and bonus slayer and pray xp is rewarding enough for me! :D While on the hunt for my clue I caught this amusing exchange:

Fred tried to steal Yana's munni!!! Merchy stops him, and Fred is sad.

I needed to do some hw but wanted to wait until Tanya logged off. Meanwhile I caught a magpie imp and Tanya got a casket. Then this happened which I forever have captured:

She got a fox mask!!!! Woohoo!!! That makes Fred with his red d mask and Yana with her fox mask in the span of one day! They join me with my blk uni mask and Nihil-ist with his red d mask in the Club of Masked Rewards. XD

This is almost impossible to see, but Jagex changed the look of rev drags. They no longer have 2 heads and now look like baby teeny dragons with no legs.

There's 2 of them and a skelly. You can see the lower one's faint wings. It looks like a baby ultrasound lol...

Being the procrastinator that I am, I decided to hop on Faerie Tana and knock out more of Dragon Slayer. I started working on the map pieces yesterday and got Melzar's piece. Man that lesser almost pwnt me! It took a while but before long I had all 3 map pieces and a ship of my own. As I was running around Sarim I saw an imp in the charter boat XD :

He wants to go to Karamja. The trip will cost him 30 coins. :P

I was progressing through so fast that I actually made it to Elvarg! I sauntered in thinking it would be an easy fight since it was a total pushover when I did it on Pie. Yeah well... I was wrong. Holy crap was that a hard fight! She firebreaths more than an iron dragon and fast. I could hardly keep up with her attacks because I was so busy eating. Sounds like Nomad. -.- Armed with the knowledge that you can leave and return I would slash at her until I was out of food then run up to the top of Crandor and Fred would give me food.

Seriously, I owe this quest to Fred. Without him I would have been toast! It's a wonder I remembered to open the secret wall because if I'd died I would have to repair my boat again. Luckily no death, but with only 29 hp it's not long before that drops to like 40 (lp). It took about 8 trips and a strength pot and many times of Fred hopping onto mems and teleing around getting me swordies, but FINALLY I did it!!!!!

The great Elvarg which apparently burned up Crandor is dead!!!! All the freeplay quests are now complete!!!! Eat my full addy, skimmy, swankyboot, body tiara, ghostspeak ammy witchcraft faerie body! GF head! Dead meat! Oh man it was a white knuckle ride, and I've done it before! I home teled and me and Fred paraded up through RS to Edgy shouting "Elvarg is dead!" and "Gf head!" I was anticipating a huge jump in levels so I got a before and after. Look at that massive ownage!

Woot! I went from 30 def to 38, 24 str (I leveled while fighting Elvarg and got 34 combat) to 36, and 34 cb (technically 33 when I went in) to 39! Huah! Beastly!

Well I'd better be off to bed... Skool bright and early with another quiz... At least I can leave when I finish... Got my homework done though! :D

Until next time...

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