Monday, December 20, 2010

Of Heim Hats and Golden Hammers

Yesterday I didn't play much because I decided to get a life and do other things... Then I played Rollercoaster Tycoon for a few hours because an idea I had finally captured my attention for more than 5 minutes. XD I did manage to tank my whole warp tort task which was nice. I guess in these late hours nobody's on to steal them! I am still 44k from 86 Str and... I have 80+ iron dragons. Go figure. :P I'll get around to those soon because this will push me super close to 90 magic!

Today I logged in, ready to do some ORT, and noticed a Christmas cracker in my bank! Whaatttt?? It turned out to be a golden hammer! Even better, I later found out that this counts as a smiffin hammer which means it's a wieldable, useful tool!! Woop woop!

Nobody was running so I got sad and left for a few hours, doing some things in real life and then again playing RCT for a while. Me and my dad made a gingerbread house out of chocolate, which I've wanted to do for years. Mmmm! When I got on I did some things here and there and set off to do the Christmas event.

It was much different than years past and I loved it! It was so much fun! I'll do a better post when I do it on one of my freebies but seriously I loved every minute of it! Plus, lots of new emotes to play with! Lovin the Heim santa hat thing and the seal emote and the crab dance and the snowman thing! Plus, the penguins are now snowguins so they are super cute also!

I later decided to scope a star and found a PGT one on Tanya's world and though she went to bed as it was uber early I was at my telescope, one click teles ready for the P and the T parts of it, and after literally clicking every second for about a minute on my telescope to wait for the 0-1 to turn to a spider eating the moon, I teled off to Lletya where I happily saw the star all floofed out. There was nobody around so I got taggsies and after a few minutes of mining by myself people finally started to show up and I was able to FINALLY get something I've been waiting for since forever!

Woot!! 92 Mining! I can now safely boost to do all mining effigies AND I'm halfway to 99!

I ended off the day with some farming and went to my kingdom to gather nests and stuff. I was in the GE with my public on for once and caught this cute funny just before I left for bed:

I love when people are creative like this. It makes RS all the more fun! XD

Good night all! I wonder what tomorrow holds for me.... :o

Until next time...

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