Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Randomness this End of May Day

Tonight my daddy is the star because...

He got 99 Herblore!!!

Holy crap his first skiller skillcape! I am so proud. :3
He now owns the Mera Visi Cape, and the cape that the real Isli Loch would readily wear loud and proud. Woot!

Afterwards we went to the bank where he gave me all of his herb stash for me to use and I saw the amusing name I p0p CORN. XD

Earlier today I decided to go to Tears of Guthix because I was 8k or so away from 71 Dunj and didn't want to do more than just a floor.

I took this picture because the tears running down look like the Forever Alone guy. Hahaha!

It was a very successful run, despite the fact that I could have done much better but the tears change super fast now. I got 181 tears which totally blew my dunj out of the water and got me over 10k xp, which was easily enough to level me up.

Yay! 71 Dungeoneering opens up not only a bunch of bosses but the first floor of a whole new design. Woop woop! 9 levels to go until 80+ all!

I spent today doing stars and trees and also taking some "formal" pictures that I may use around my newly designed blog.

Ravenclaw nerd homage picture :P

Just a pic of me using magic... casting fertile soil... so interesting!

I was in the GE earlier and a guy named K0ed by taco was there randomly shouting things at other people there (stuff like "noob!" and "dance for me!"). He was entertaining and was admiring another high level's rat pole, so I got mine out. He then told me to poledance so I grabbed my agility cape and did the emote. He was impressed and we had a nice little chat of nothing but small talk. Before I left I got a quick pic of him.

Before that happened I took my friend, Daantje, to trawler for the first time because he needed to check it off for the ardy elite. I had nothing going on so I happily went with him. He picked up on it quickly and soon he was a pro. There weren't many of us there when we went but the people that were there were really funny and we had a great time. I even got a broken staff which I actually took the time to repair at my house. It was a Magic Staff. Jealous? Hehe. :P

I'm counting down the days until I can change my name! I have my banner all ready to go. Man, it hasn't been updated in years! I never did get around to making a more current one as my blog took off and I grew as a player. I suppose I leave you with the old one because in a short time it will be a thing of the past.

It's so pretty! ...and so old and outdated before I even started my blog... haha :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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