Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holy Crap!

Sorry, no pics, but I have this amazing story to tell you all!

Yesterday I played RS for much longer than I have in months and among other things such as running agility, fishing, and in other words doing things that I could safely raise Neil, I decided to go do some combat. I have warp torts now after cancelling yet another boring task of spirimages and since I've spent some time at the sawmill I don't have chimes at the moment so I decided to go and kill some more Vyrewatch. It's been so long since I've been down in Rott and it's like an old home. Plus, it's a nice, remote, and wonderful place to pretend I am a witch!

So I spent a bunyip of time killing Vyrewatch with my lovely mastered flail on the Str setting and for the first time ever I was regularly hitting up to 260's on em! 41 wooden bodies later me and my dad hung out on the Mortton temple world just repairing the temple and making sacred oil for fun. When that got boring I got some maple logs oiled up and went down to the Vyrewatch pyres which, unfortunately, are very far away from the shade pyres. I totally forgot about the swamp boaty I had just used a few hours earlier and ran to the salve the long way through the twisting path and the bog. Oops. :P

I started burning away and was soon unlocking the walls getting my goodies that the vyres had left me. Within a few clicks I had some snapdragon seeds and then I got a Rune Full Helm (g). Yay! Another clue scroll item! I've only gotten one or two before and it's the only other place to get trimmed armour. It's always been a helm but I was excited to be 500k richer. Another highlight was getting a toof and then a loop half within a few openings but the best part of all, and the part that had me screaming "holy crap!" was when I opened the wall and a Zamorak pg 4 came out.

I didn't know you could get god pages here! Well, maybe I did, but I forgot. I was pleasantly surprised to get it and was pretty happy about it until I price checked it along with that gold-trimmed helm. Then I went from happy to in total shock. That page is worth 4.8m. MILLION!! Almost FIVE MILLION!!! Whoaaaaaaaaa!!!

So of course I sold it as soon as I was in the GE and that combined with the rest of the good things I got (like that helm and a blood talisman) made me a pretty 5.5m in about a minute. Not bad for about 2 hours of work! It pushed my cash pile to higher than ever and I'm really excited to possibly get crackin at 99 Con again!

That's all, just a nice little awesome story of money win!

Until next time...

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  1. Gratzzzzz rich Pie.

    Why I don't see you anymore?? I now run advanced and I got a nice white capewithaheartinthemiddlewithnotrimm :)