Friday, May 27, 2011

Of High Fashion, Books, and Coming of Age

I finally finished all the floors on my current prestige and reset!! I'm wide open and in desire of 80 Dunj so hit me up!

I got my favorite boss, Sagittaire. I'm not sure why he's my favorite other than the fact that I love shouting "SAGITTARIUS!!!"

Many exciting things happened today, but probably the most exciting is that Neil came of age and is a full grown Saradomin OWL!!!! :D

He's so cute! He'll be sending me letters in no time!

All of these pics were taken as I was chasing a desert star very late (early in the morning) tonight. Neil grew up when I was scoping it and after a long time of running around I found it in the mine by the summoning altar. I decided to take this time to model some new high fashion.

It's 2am and I have a size 4 to myself again... Just me and Neil here...

The other exciting thing of the day is I bought a Bandos Book!!! It was easily the cheapest to get pages for and even though the preachy stuff is weird it's a brown book, perfect for not only a beautiful witch like myself but, as I noticed, it matches my crafting cape!!!

I felt like bombing the GE with shorty shorts so I went to buy out the stock. Nothing is funnier to me than dropping any article of clothing (preferably HAM robes and dwarf clothes) and watching people run, the item disappear off the floor, and then a second later appearing on whoever picked it up. It's even better when accompanied by "Yay! Shorts!" I had some room left so I bought a pink blouse for fun and really liked it so I spent some time gathering up pink clothing to make me a fantabulous pink outfit. Plus that bat staff that Kitty gave me so long ago has finally had a chance to make an appearance! I rearranged my bank and now have a high fashion tab full of outfits and my skillcapes that I can mix and match for later, since I will be a morphomagus.

Hehe I spent some of today slaying mogres to get a flipper stacker. It took forever but I finally got another pair so flippers now grace the tab known as high fashion. :D:D

Last but not least, here are my new default clothes that I got yesterday. I'm a total Ravenclaw and have some blue and gold (bronze) going on.

My goal now is to buy the Armadyl book to complete my collection. I don't want the others, they're too expensive and I'm totally a follower of Guthix anyway. I just want the colors to go with outfits. I'm a big fan of the cool shield slot stuff like satchels and books. I'm the best dressed witch in town!

I leave you with a funny glitch I saw today of someone I guess stuck in mid-loading of the new kills statues:

He's the ice king!

That's another thing- got my wilderness hood thing and sometime I think I'll go with my dad or a friend to the duel arena to get some cool statue gear and a cute hat while I'm at it. It'll be like my "I Killed Peeky" cape!

Hehe I'm excited now! Look out wizarding world because here I come!!

Until next time...

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