Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Randomness This July Day

What a fun day! I started off doing some random stuff. I was visiting Varrock West to smiff some bolts when I heard an odd sound, like those annoying vuvuzela trumpet things. I was wondering if I had an advert playing and then noticed it timed with someone blowing glass. OMG, could it be that... Jagex put vuvuzela sounds to the glassblowing pipe????

I HAD to see for myself! I got my daily sand and then went to Lunar to find out. It worked!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! I was soooo tickled that I got a recording on my phone! The quality is poor and the sound is quiet so you might have to turn it up but you can clearly hear the noise!!!! WIN!!!!!

After that fun and telling everyone I knew, I went to do the penguins for the week before time was up. In the middle of it my friend Hognot was finally ready for 99 Mining!

He had a small party with just 4 friends but it was fun. :D

Here we are in an epic lineup showing our lovely capes!
l-r Full Of Pie, Grizelda73, Hognot, Yeurope, and Yamdrew

Emote pic!!

Even cooler is I remember Yeurope and Yamdrew from my days when I was in my old clan on my old homeworld! It's a small world even on Runescape!

After he got 99 I went back and finished the penguins before heading off with him to play Trouble Brewing. I couldn't say no to that! :D Something new since I last played is I can catch the pirate imps flying around and barehanded! Woot! They really do give helpful stuff like flowers, bukkitz of water, bark, etc. It was Hognot's first time playing but he picked up really fast. :P

After a few games I was in the mood for a little stealing creation so I did a couple normal games. Well the first game had 2 c5 swarms right next to a kiln that were virtually untouched! I got one all to myself and didn't even deplete it in 20 minutes! Needless to say I won that round and got the most points ever in a game:

Woot! 89k score and 25 reward points!!!

I only had the patience to play 3 games so I took out 4 tools and got me a bunch of craft xp! I also got to assist someone for 15k more xp! :D Woot craft levels come in so fast now! If I can hold on for around 114 more tools than I should have that lovely cape soon!

After that I took a break, farmed, etc. Got both rc rocks at the exact same time crafting astrals when swapping spellbooks. :D Finally I decided to slay so I canceled my abby spec task and got LRC again! The xp went sooooo slow at first but finally the task was over and I got a good 100k attack xp. I was talking to Peekyface who was slaying velds and it became apparent he had no food, pray, and very little lifepoints left. So, I paid him a surprise visit and gave him lots and lots of pizza! Oh, and a random addy pick too. :P I got black boots in return. XD He was able to finish his task and we met up at Kuradal. I couldn't see him and he asked why. I told him he needed to open up his dragon forge. He asked me how and I told him and luckily he had the key already made in his bank so he quickly went and opened it up and we could now see each other! We got a pic of course! :P


I'm excited for tomorrow! I looked and only about 100k xp separates me from the lovely 3 digit rank in agility! Looks like it's time to run run run! :D Good night all!

Until next time...

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