Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Going on Holiday!!

I'm so excited! Me and my dad will be gone for a week and will travel to a far-away location (I'll tell you where we went, but only after I get back! Haha you'll have to wait!). I'll give you some hints though:

  • It will take several days to drive there and therefore several days to drive back.
  • I will be back in time for the Canting Summer Festival. I wouldn't have gone if I wasn't. :P
  • Shopping will be involved. ;)
  • We will be meeting up with some relatives which I am excited for!
  • A trip to a very large zoo is slated to happen. :D
  • A trip to an amusement park is definitely on the menu!
  • It will be slightly colder there than here in my home town... At least it's supposed to be anyway...
  • I will be visiting my cousin to discuss my role in a big research project that he and his fiance have been working on. :)
  • Internet is available at all of our hotels so I should be able to update as we get there and back.
  • I will have a much needed break from Runescape. Everybody breathe in and say ahhhhhh!
Have fun with those hints. I leave tomorrow morning first thing! This will be fun!

Anyways last night I stayed up too late so I didn't get around to posting. Here's photos from the past 2 days:

I got to work unlocking all the hidden dunjuns that I could. I was pleased to find all the rune rock available when I went in! I got 2/3 which ain't bad at all. :D

Unlocking all of them got me 56 dunj! I really can't wait until 85 for frost dragons. They sound like uber fun! I will for sure be unlocking all the dunjuns higher than 55 as I level. :D

Late at night I decided to finish off my prestige by doing the floors I needed with Peeky. He bound some hood that I can't remember the name of but it's the magic hood that makes you visible only to mages. His peekyface was peeking from it, in typical style, and so I got a picture. :P

He asked me to take a pic of him lighting a fire door so here it is. :P

I got the same laughable award that somi did earlier which made me LOL. My name is covered by the hilarious description. :P

I was falling asleep big time but managed to get 57 dunj! I just need to train my way to 70 and then eventually 80. It won't be so bad, especially because I got lots of friends that I would duo with.

Onto today... I was planning on dunjuneering all day but the friends list AND the clan chat went down, ALL DAY! There was a brief time it was fixed but I left to get stuff for the trip and it was broken again when I came back. Therefore I had no way of locating Peeky and our plans were thrown. :-(

It sort of came back, but was really glitched. When I tried to message people it had half their name missing and said I wasn't friends with them. Turns out under this massive list of glitched names was the unglitched and working friends list, so at least I was able to PM some people...

I decided to go hunting and try for the stones. I FINALLY got them both- one at grenwall and one at regular chins. There was a guy chopping yews at Eagles Peak named SteamMagicks who told me one spawned in a certain place and to put my trap there. It helped a lot and I finally had that rock.

I was able to complete another week of the statue and get 2 pieces onto the statue in my house. I'm falling behind on the statue due to grinding but I'll pick it back up when school starts I'm sure. I think that was week 14? I then cleaned my massive piles of herbs which got me both herb rocks. I sold the ones I only have for money and made pots out of the rest. That combined with the grenwall spikes and whatnot has boosted my cash to 17m. No clue what to do with it yet but I'm pretty sure it will go on crafting. Like I say, money is money and will always be gained back! I'm about 70k or so from 80 herby now which is great!!

I had an epic fail patch sometime today too which I was not pleased about...

Other than that I've been busy smiffin my hundreds of addy and mith ores and got both smiffin rocks. I then used 2 sc needles and got one of the craft rocks and I'm now less than 400k from 96! I have a large black dragon task so I'm going to do that and save my 2nd needle for it before I sell my green bodies. Effigies rock!

Well I'm off now but will keep you all posted on my travel status. I dunno when next time will be but...

Until next time...

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  1. Enjoy your vacations Pie. :)
    Just one question for the guess locaton. Is it North, south, east or west from your place?