Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Editing Streak is Showing Its Face!

Today I didn't do much past finish off my firegiant task and my newest task of living rocks. I swear, I get them every other task! Three times in the past 7-ish tasks?? I even told her not to gave me living rocks and she did. Cheeky. -.-

No matter how annoyed I was (mainly because it wasn't dusties :P) I still love the task because of the mondo slayer and combat xp for relatively little effort.

My dad was on his lappy about 10 feet away doing his desert stryke task and got an effigy. Did I mention it's sooo great for my family to be home?? The house is full of life again! We (minus mommy) floated the river again today which pwnt as always. :D Anyways my dad got an effigy and was able to nom a garden pie to do the first step. Anyone else think the effigy looks like a furby??

Hmm... Actually in the pic above at BH bank it looks more like a penguin.. XD The next step was 93 summoning which he has! However since he had out a pretty pony and his summon points were down it wouldn't let him do it! So, we games-necklaced to Barby outpost which was the most convenient mini obelisk that came to our minds.

It's even harder to see from this angle but I still think it looks like a furby. :P And, this guy named "omgitzstef" managed to ninja his way into our pic. :P Hmm... apparently my dad got his ranger boots back... and looks like he's wearing a dress... XD

Next he had 95 con so we looked all over trying to find someone. I asked some friends in PM but nobody had any right off. So, we went to w117 where he had no luck because there were literally like 10 people who needed 95 con too. I decided that as long as I was there I might as well be helpful so I assisted someone with 97 craftycraft and my dad took my crafty pot and other garden pie and helped a 91 farm and 91 craft, so at least we did our small part in the rush for those dragonkin lamps! We then tried Assist Clan but had no luck so I told him to wait. Patience Daddy! Don't give up and get a 5k xp lamp off the museum! :P

I then remembered that I had a yew, mage, and papayaya tree all waiting to be tagged which gave me the 1-up on my dad and got me 89 farmyfarm!!!

Woop woop farming is about to become my next skill in the 90's! Only 10 levels away from that green cape I've been eying forever! :D

Since I had a bunch of time I decided to go with TaintedOne12, a new Canter, to get his flippers! It took 10 mogres and a slight worry over him losing a lot of hp but just when I was about to tell him to get melee armour he said "no" and pop! There were flippers on his feet!! XD

Soooo stylin!! This brings the total number of people I've inspired to get flippers to around 20. I love flippers! Huge gratzzzz TaintedOne12 and welcome to the Flipper Guild! :D

OK now on to the title of the post. I found the channel of LightningWolf3, who has loads of videos of him glitching various Nintendo games with Game Genie and what not, which I find incredibly funny. Upon further inspection of his videos I came across several that are edited so that sound clips of the game go with another song. I found a few that I really love but, ladies and gentlemen, I wanna learn how to do THIS!!!

His channel is loaded with several more of videos like this in addition to the glitchy fun. This is another of my favorites, which is in the same style as this Runescape Machinima entry that has been passed around on several blogs:

And of course I am talking about The Sound of Skilling:

OK peeps, who wants to encourage me to save up for Sony Vegas?? I want to make stuff like this! I wanna make another vid like Some Quick Randomness! Ahhh my creative editing streak is striking again! I need to go survey songs and script something up! Ahhh the miracle of editing! :D

Well I'd better go to bed. I wonder what's in store tomorrow... :D

Until next time...


  1. i loved this post, grats on 89 farming! =)

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Umm, if you are interested in learning to edit videos I really really suggest you get to grips with something like windows movie maker first. Excl wrote a good guide-I can't remember the link, but it's on his YT channel.
    Helm Lardar