Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip Day Four

Today was spent at... the amusement park! I found out that I could get an all-day wristband (the rides are individually ticketed- no entrance fee) which was the cost of 4 of the big rollercoasters so I of course got my money's worth within the first hour. In typical fashion my first ride was the biggest and most intense ride- the rollercoaster in yesterday's teaser. Man it sure was intense! Having done nothing but play RS for the past 3 months I am not used to being moved around and I actually blacked out during the first two loops every time I rode it because the G forces were so strong they pushed all the blood out of my head! That's a first! Don't worry, I didn't have a stroke or die or anything... I just have a headache since I rode on it about 8 times!

We walked there and back... So much walking... My hips are killing me and my feet were sooo swollen by the time we got back to the hotel! I'm gonna feel it tomorrow... I haven't moved from the couch in 3 months so walking about 4 miles was KILLER! Especially because the only pair of shoes I packed have no arch support and therefore re not good walking shoes... Shoulda brought my favorite skate shoes... Oh well! :P

All the rides there were really fun! There are 3 big rollercoasters that I pretty much cycled through, plus one of them tower rides that shoots you like 120 feet into the air. I have a funny video to show you when we get back of that tower... I can't plug that camera's card into my compy so it will have to wait. You'll love it. XD I also went on one of those rides like Astro Blasters where you have a laser gun and you shoot stuff with the lit targets. It was just me on the ride which was a little weird but I really enjoyed it a ton! It was like I had the whole thing to myself. Everything had such great sound effects. XD I definitely have ideas for Rollercoaster Tycoon!

The best part was one of the ride operators looked like Lesko Diamond. And, later when we were mini golfing, one of the boys in front of us looked like him too! Everyone knows I am always on the lookout for lookalikes. :P

After my body was too broken to continue to enjoy the intenso-rides, we hiked back to the hotel and then met up with my cousin! He lives here in this undisclosed city with his fiance while they attend skool and it was way fun to see him! His fiance is currently in a lot of pain from a tooth infection so she felt bad not being able to talk much but I did enjoy talking with both of them until late in the e'en. :D

Well I suppose I should go to bed now since it's like... midnight... I get to see my aunt, uncle, and another cousin tomorrow as we all intercept here. Woohoo!

Until next time...

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