Friday, July 2, 2010

A Faerie Tana Day // Movies Galore!!

Today I mostly played on Faerie Tana! :o Well first off I started the afternoon off with some real life by treating myself to a visit to my favorite store and a nice lunch at my favorite restaurant before doing a dungeon on Pie. Eww, I got that riftsplitter guy. Luckily I was a bit more prepared and only died once. :P Seeing him hit a 400+ with poison on Twi last night was a little "D:" but luckily he didn't do that to me. Phew!

As I was making my way through it, Zoorhana logged in! Yay! This meant I could do dungeons with him on Faerie Tana! So, we did 2 floors or so before he had to go. I'm up to 9 Dunj on that account now! Woohoo! I decided to get my fishing up to what I thought was 10 for fly fishing but it ended up being 20. Before I left I got this funny from someone waiting for a party at Daemonheim:

I had planned to fish some shrimp in Karamja (on a place that I never even knew existed 4 years ago! In fact the first time I explored it seriously was about 2 years ago on one of my other accounts!) so I took a hatchet, tinderbox, and some logs with me to cook and drop them. That got me tons of fish and cook levels and I ended up going back to Lumbridge after a while. Well, I stumbled into the fishing shop to get a fly fishing rod and noticed the free crawdad pot. I've never fished crawdads before. In fact I was probably on that 5 month break when they came out! I decided to see how good they were so I took one and went out to fish.It was awesome! They're only 10 xp per catch but fish soooooo much faster than shrimp! I started catching a full inventory, then running to the cook's range to cook them, then heading upstairs to bank and repeat. I mindlessly did this while I watched TV and 2 hours later, I had 22 Fishing and 31 Cooking! OK seriously cooking is such a fast skill. It now surpasses my 30 smiffin as my highest skill, just as it did on Full Of Pie so many years ago! XD Finally I can fish for my own food and then go kill stuff higher than my level!

While I was campin' at the 'ol crawdads, I got these two large funny conversations:

An obvious but apparently not so obvious Wizard of Oz reference turns Canting into an explosion of Wizard of Oz quotes and puns! XD

Then we helped Nez learn how to use the alt codes on his laptop. He was so proud! XD

After my cooking and fishing escapade I hopped onto the fast computer and attempted to play some FOG on Faerie Tana and raise my magic from 12-ish to 33. I managed to get up to 17 in just a few games so that's good! Of course playing free FOG always leads to me going in on Pie with full rune (skimmy/kite/pl8/legs), flippers, and my agile cape just to piss people off and to get revenge on Jagex for always pairing a lvl 27 nub like myself with lvl 90's. Well, I had barely logged in when my friend Checkers Nub, the guy with the adooooooorableeeeeee top hat and agile cape, said he was getting 99 mining! Woot!

Now this was really something, because he's had an untrimmed agility cape for at least a year and I believe it's closer to 2 or even longer! I met him one day in Edgeville Bank smiffin some gold but recognized him from W46. It's because of him that I bought a top hat. :P Anyways, I was so excited that I quickly hopped back to my lappy and filmed it! I also got this hawt pic:

Along with the other 2 movies I had in the works I now present 3 movies made in 2 hours called...

Movies Galore!!

First up is Aqua's 99 Woodcutting that she got yesterday. I woulda made it then but my compy was freaking out. I mean, I somehow made the volume control crash... -.- But here it is all cute and pretty!!!

Gratz Aqua!!!!!!!! :D

Next here is my clue scrollin video that Levi told me to make. I couldn't find a good song so I put Moonlight Sonata to it. :P Read yesterday's post to get the inside joke. :P

Finally, here is Checkers Nub getting 99 Mining and therefore trimming his Agility Cape!!!

Woot!! Trimmed cape FTW!!!

Well I am off to a very late bedtime! Good night everyone!!

Until next time...

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