Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cute Dragons Are Cute

Today was rather fun! I started out running agility and then moved on to the week's pengs. I have gone to doing 2 weeks at a time now so that I get 32 points and twice the reward. Well, I was almost done when Tanya pm's me saying Levi was getting 99 farming!! I couldn't miss that! So, I hopped back and was there as he tagged his cute little tree in Pt Sarim. Awwww :3

We then ran to his house for a house party where we got pwnt by stuff in his dungeon. :P I got this great shot of him in his lovely cape:

After the party I went back to pengs and turned in my points, getting me 2006 xp away from 77 pray. Good thing my task was black dragons! :D I set off for the chicken lair and marveled at how cute they are now. They have such cute little pink mouths!!

I also couldn't help but notice the random areas of skin that show all over my avatar- midriff, knees, ankles???

After a successful run me and Peeky decided to try our hands at the KBD. Sadly I have no pics but I successfully soloed one and we finally got a free place to lootshare. We eventually got crashed by stupid arrogant stereotypical d bags but they got crashed by someone else and while the two teams insulted each other me and Peeky killed it. :P We eventually ran out of stuff anf left, no thanks to the buttfaces that make me hate any sort of boss. OK rant over.

I returned to the chicken lair for the last 19 dragons. I was thoroughly annoyed when someone set up his cannon and kept accidentally stealing my dragon with it. As I was complaining in chat I looked up and he died! I instantly blessed his grave and then enjoyed the uninterrupted dragons for about 5 seconds until someone else came in with a cannon... -.-

Let's play I Spy... I spy not 1 but 2 cannons. I spy a meleer and a grave. I spy a cute black dragon and me barely visible peeking from the rock to the right. The guy who died came back and thanked me, saying he was afk and accidentally died. It happens... lol

I had finished by then but had a bunch of room in my inv so I hopped and killed until I was full. Yay free black dhide!! I gotta play some sc! Oh, and a load of bones got me 77 prayer!! :D

Wewt!! I'm close to 80 now! I really can't wait to get it there! Prayer is my lowest skill tied with thieving at the mo, besides dunj of course. :P

I leave with you this funny about how to boost farming. Enjoy!

Until next time...

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