Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Remember when every post in my blog used to be about agility? Well, it's the same thing but with dunj now! I spent literally the entire day in Heim with Peekyface, cept a random hour where I farmed and got my thieving stones. My outfit this week was one that got me more comments than any yet and I love it so much that I ran agility in it!

It's just a hybrid of my three main outfits that I wear really- BCP, sc mage bottom, flippers, Trollweiss, Book of Balance, Guth Stole, chompy hat, gloves of silence and Ardy cape (I was originally wearing it with my "I-Killed-Peeky" cape [cw most kills cape] but changed to ardy to make pping easier). It was hawt and made my bod look dang good! I guess it gave me luck too because I got a torstol seed from the farmer! I also got 4 ranarr and a bunch of other really high lvl seeds like kwuarm, lant, cad, and irit. :o

Later on a farm run I ninja'd a pic of this really cool person with an untrimmed slayer cape! It's only the 2nd I've ever seen and it's pretty unique:

gibsongirl13 is probably one of maybe 100? It's so rare! :D

In the middle of the day I got Karl, Tanya, Zoorhana, Xela, Zachy, Waste God, and Kayla all on skype together and the majority of us talked for 4 and a half hours! It was great fun chatting about the game and real life and hearing the voices behind the people! I love perfect days like this when lots of us get together and just chat. :P

Around that time (I wasn't playing RS for most of it because it was distracting) I was dunjuning with Peeky! We did a whole bunch of floors including some small and speedy ice floors and longer abandoned floors.

Like I said before the writers behind Dunj put sooo much funny stuff into it! This especially made me laugh:

Peeky got DIY Disaster!! Ahahaha that was sooo funny! XD

Anyways over the course of several hours I got THREE levels!! I would have gotten that last one a run sooner had I not had an unfortunate staff accident and 2 unrelated mat accidents with the Divine Skinweaver leaving me with 420 xp left. I was so tired but we went on and we're both addicted. :P Dare I say it, I could even see myself going for 99! I'm not going for that now but I am definitely considering it!

Woot! 52, 53, and 54 today! I'll likely get some more levels in it tomorrow too! It's so much fun! :D

Well I am falling asleep at the desk so I am going to go and recharge my body all up. Good night all!

Until next time...

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