Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of Quests and Soul Wars and a Little Fun

Today was an interesting day. I mainly played on Faerie Tana and got even more of the freeplay quests done! In fact, I only have 4 left. Not bad for 2 days of questing! Here is a little candid photo of what Faerie Tana looks like, whilst completing Romeo and Juliet.

"I ran ALL over Varrock for this quest and all I got were 5 stinkin Quest points!"

If you notice, Faerie Tana is quite different from Pie on many levels. First off, *gasp!* she's not green! Going through all the possible choices I decided that the pink two toned hair in pigtails was my favorite with the dark skin. If you look carefully you will see that I have Fancy Boots! :D Also I am in full Mithril after like 2 days of combat! And AMG that chick has on moonclan robes!! And wtf is wrong with Juliet's eyes??

I'm not sure what I want to get with this account but it's been really fun training skills at levels where I gain several levels per activity. Plus, doing all those quests that have been reworked since I did and forgot them 4 years ago has been awesome. I feel much more prepared to help on things of this level. While I was doing this quest I found a funny quote:

I only have 4 left! Dark Warrior, Goblin Diplomacy, Shield of Arrav, and Dragon Slayer! The only one I'm worried about is Shield of Arrav because that means I have to find a cooperative partner. :P If I feel too weak for dragon slayer I'll just head back to FOG and fix that problemo. :P

Anyway back on Pie, actually right when I posted last night's blog instead of going to bed I did a dungeon and got up a floor. It was quick and my monsters and boss easy.

Maging Bulwark Beast is for the win! I don't need a pickaxe! :D

When I got on today I did another floor and got like a lvl 98 unholy cursebearer. Heh. I pwnt it with a sword! This was my first time in the dungeon with the new magic animations and they were pwnsauce!

Anyways I didn't know what I wanted to do (I would have done the rest of my slayer task but I didn't feel like preparing and getting down there) so I decided to train some range and go to Soul Wars. Of course I took my Jade Bolts and my Forge Regent and got a ton of WTF's off the specs. After 2 tie rounds I got myself close to 10k range xp off the 4 zeal, getting me 71k till 81 range. Woot! Of course being that close to Nomad's tent was WAYYYYYY too tempting so I went in to 2-item him. Well we had a lovely conversation... until it turned sour! Ahahahahaha!

By Full Of Pie

Things were not going well. In fact Nomad was starting to act a little... odd... I got my best puppydog eyes on and knocked on his apartment door.

Well, it's not really an "apartment door" per se, it's actually the window of his mommy's basement, but Nomad is always threatening to KO me if I don't call it an apartment door. I acted all nonchalant as I made myself cozy near him while he just stood in his threatening position.

We started to talk and I slowly segued into my complaints about how he was far too busy playing games like "Soul Wars" and not hanging out with me. He argued that he was a mod for Soul Wars and that he had to be there to run the game. Well ok, but all the time?? What about me??? He started to get a little angry. You know the type... I tried to keep it from escalating out of control...

But he would have none of it! Oh boy... My patience was running thin and soon it escalated into an all-out war of words. There was much 1-upping and many words like "noob" and "kid" were sputtered faster than in Varrock West Bank. It was like we were little kids bragging about money and weapons and why we're right and not only is our way the BEST way but the ONLY way! Guthix help you if you should attempt something not what I say! Ok, ok I am getting carried away. "Breathe, calm down! End this now!" I decided that this voice in my head was worth listening to and... the evening didn't fare too well...

I finally called it all off. We were through. Nomad and I were splitsville. He was obviously none too pleased and k0'd me, shouting "Pathetic!" Of course, I had to one up him with one last retort:

I had the last word and therefore won. I appeared in the alley right outside his (mommy's) home. A little imp asked me WTF happened and told me I died to which I replied with a clever and epic response:

We talked for a bit and he comforted me, saying our split was the right thing. Unfortunately, I swore revenge on Nomad...

I kinda wish I didn't, because now I have to go back and kill him. Doh! Oh well... I guess this is really the end of Nomad! Look out buddy... That's what I'll call you... Hey buddy- you watch your cape! I'm coming after you with my friends Shelley and Mr. Mrowl and it's not gonna be pretty! Then we'll see who is the pathetic one!

So yeah... that's how it really went down... If only everyone knew... :P

As a sidenote, while staging this story I discovered he actually shouts "pathetic" when you have 1 lifepoint and not 0! Who knew! Now I know why I lived that one day. The death shot took two takes because he put down the mines and therefore talked the first time and I couldn't say it. -.- He actually got me down to 1 lp twice (because I auto healed to 2) so I actually got called pathetic 3 times. :P

Until next time...

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