Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stuff Stuff St00f

This morning was Kayla's 99 Cookinggggggg partyyyyyyyy!!!!

Zanaris was lit up all pretty and people kept randomly dancing and crap like that... It was fun :P

Then Kayla cooked that last sharky and got 99 cook!!!! The air was full of messages and her 6 day of nonstop cooking has finally come to an end!!! :D

We paraded from Zanaris all the way to the Cook Guild...

...and attempted (and failed at) a 5-person cooking synch. Yes I put it [cook cape] on... It doesn't look right one me... o.O LOL we all have drumsticks in our face! Kayla's the one 2nd from left and I'm on the right. I dunno who the 2 middle ppl are but Raffy's on the end mad because he didn't emote lol

Here is my outfit, just for Kayla's party. :D

After that I spent a good couple of hours hiding amongst the masses of people at the GE and stat-spying everybody. Their reactions were hilarious and ranged from "lol" to "wtf." It was even better when there was a group and they started talking about this mysterious pie person. It was funnier when they couldn't find me. XD And for some reason I got like 5 comments on my outfit. Hehe when I wear my normal gear I hardly get anything but I was wearing my latest favorite combo (the top hat/ornj shirt/sc mage bottom/stole/flippers/torag hams/goldy gaunts/agil cape) and everyone was like "whoa nice outfit very unique!" :D

Soon I ran out of runes so I went to Fast Sc where I only played 2 games because it wasn't running very well and tbh I didn't feel like playing. I got this funny though:

It doesn't really need an explanation... XD

After my 2 games I had over 300 points so I decided to be evil and totally devastate my bank by purchasing and banking 16 proto tools.

Look! My two toof halves! Since I was on lunars I made more glass and blew it all and then traded all the orbs to my dad in exchange for like 600 silver bars. The amulets were given to me this morning my Armma to give to Vandy, which I did. I made all the silver into holy symbols and then strung enough with my lunar magic to get...

...84 Magic!! Yay!! Vandy logged in shortly after that so I have him all the gold and the rest of my unstrung holy symbols. It helped him get 81 mage. :D

After that, with Vandy next to me, I began my epic journey to 93 Craft. I had over 600k xp to go and it got pretty boring so I amused myself with a little story after Vandy asked my craft level.

That's basically my story in a nutshell. It actually happened so fast I hardly remember doing it. I was on such a roll that I considered getting Defence and Crafting at the same time but then everything rose in price and I was unable to purchase dragon leather at a rate under what I made. Now, like 9 months later, I am much more versed in making lots of money at a faster pace so I'm on the road once again to that lovely cape. :P

I crafted into oblivion and got 2 randoms along the way, both rewards being used on Herblore. It's 79 now! I can't wait until 80! I got Mollied and really loved her skirt so I got a picture:

Hehe :P

Finally after forever, 14.5 tools later, and over 700k xp earned in just a few short hours, I got it!!

Fweeeeeeeee I'm 6 levels awayyyy!!!

Tomorrow I plan to get up and go run with W46ATAT now that I have no more class and then play some Fast Sc after that. I'm hoping that in midday there will be more ranks playing and therefore much smoother games. Oh and my daddy comes home tomorrow from his folks' house! Yayyyyy!!!! Gnight!

Until next time...

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  1. Michaela Adams07 June, 2010

    epic pictures!thanks for coming <3