Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well I have been basically running agility and dungeoneering the past two days! Let's see here...

Yesterday I made the word AGILE in flowers while at open run time:

I also nommed a summer pie and saw this awesome number:

And speaking of boosted stats.... Kayla discovered today that when you put on any skillcape, for about 5 seconds, your level goes to 100! Very cool!!!!!!!!! And because I wub Kayla here is another Kayla-ism that made me laugh and go wubwubwubwubwub:

Also, Kayla told me about new Pretzel M&M's so today I went to the local store and bought some. Mannnnn they are so goooodddddd!!!! Thank you Kaylaaaaaa they rock!

After all that I decided to do a dungeon with Vandyballer. It started out cool enough but it quickly turned into...
The Dungeon From Hell!!!!!

First off, here is this funny from the ferret event which involves catching and cooking some gross fish. Well, the designers of Dunj had a great sense of humor and these messages never failed to make me laugh!
"You have a hilarious fishing accident that one day you'll tell your grandchildren about."
"You burn the fish so spectacularly that there is nothing left of it."

Our first clue that this was the dungeon from Hell was that poisonous pyramid maze. It was a really confusing maze and we were poisoned before we were even close. I died 3 times trying to go back and get to the top. Vandy finally did it but the damage was done. We used pretty much all of our food on this contraption alone and getting a lvl 206 Hobgoblin Geomancer was totally not helping our case. Nothing we did would hit it so our deaths came rolling in quicker than a storm. Finally with all money and food exhausted we would just die and then run right back in and try to get a couple hits in before dying again. It was awful, but we finally prevailed! However I died an additional 9 times beinging my death total on this dungeon to 12. I was doubting the likelihood of even getting xp at all but even with hefty penalties I still got the most xp I've ever gotten in a dungeon, by far! Yay!

Despite this, I was hooked. :P

The next day began with more agility and then some farming and smiffin, getting those stones done. I also got mining last night woot! I then set off and did a dungeon with my dad. He was on his laptop on the couch with me next to him on mine so it was really easy to communicate. It was also easy because I set it to small so that it wouldn't take as long. We did 2 floors and both got levels!
Woot lvl 42!!

After those two I left and did Tears of Guthix, getting me another level!

Yay 43!

I then left to do a farm run and then a M&M star. I teleported to MLH and wasn't scoping so I was going by when I wrote it down. The sound was turned down because I was watching one of my favorite shows on TV (The Dr. Oz Show) and as I was banking getting a home teleport ready I saw the star floof! There was nobody waiting so I got the finders! Yay! It was a size 5 (which seems to be the case for every MLH star I tag LOL) and I got Vandyballer to come help me.

Well, afterwards I convinced him to do 2 floors with me. :P We had a much better time and had lots of fun. He then left and I went solo for a floor. It started out very badly, as I wasn't sure if I could even beat the first skeleton! After panicking and trying to sell stuff for different weapons I finally beat him, but ran out of prayer just as I did. So, I took a death on a zombie later to recharge it. I managed to find stuff and summoned a Beast of Burden! Yeahhhhh!! Upon looking at his chat head I was pleasantly surprised to find the cutest little guy with the chubbiest cheeks!! Eeeeeee so cute!

I'm gonna name him Devin. :P

Anyways I got Unholy Cursebearer which is the easiest boss ever and despite my stats lowering to below Fire Wave ability I was content to then pwn him with a large axe. Having Devin there full of salve eels was also very nice and he was pwnt easily. This gave me over 1k xp (yaaay!) and pushed me to yet another dunj level!

Woot! I leveled Dunj 3 separate times today! :D I am really lovin this now, as I am getting to the levels where it's more rewarding than annoying. Finally that Scroll of Life doesn't seem that far away!

I leave with you 2 videos I made in the last couple days. The first one is of a recent faux-practice run at Nomad. I was only going to see how his timing and average hits worked out so I took monkfish and enchanted jade bolts. As you can see I managed to get him with the spec twice and even his a 130-something! I managed to survive a complete wave before getting hugely pwnt. I lagged but wanted to say "omgimonfire" or "pathetic!" when I died. Oh well, the movie I made is awesome! That's Mike at the beginning. :P

I am now gearing up to really fight him and am terrified but confident. I'm mainly afraid because I don't know how sara brewing is going to behave, since I've never done it before. I've got a few methods up my sleeves on familiars and inventory and hopefully I'll be victorious! Especially since Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of getting my Quest Cape and how cool would it be to redeem it on that day. I still have EW3 to do also but with guides it shouldn't be too hard. I think a year ago today I beat Desert Treasure. Woop woop!

Next, here is a vid of me and *gasp* Bass Daddy, in real life! He planted a maple tree like 15 years ago right outside my sister's bedroom window, waaayyyy too close to the house. It's finally big enough that the roots are going to break the foundation so it had to come down. I'm sad because he cut down another maple that was way too close to the house when we first moved and because I had for some reason gotten attached to it I cried so he planted me a new maple but when we build our shed he cut that one down too! He planted another one (it's a tall stump in the video) and also cut that one down because it was in the way of his huge oak that he planted. -.- So every maple in our yard has now been cut and it makes me mad! :P Anyways we were playing around and obviously cracking loads of Runescape jokes while we were cutting it so here is a short movie of first me and then my dad "leveling in Woodcutting." I even subtitled it for you using my amazing movie making skills so that you can understand what I'm saying. :P

Today we planted an oak sapling in the middle of our yard (training farming haha) and at least he sort of redeemed himself that way... :P

Well it's late and this post has been huge so I'm going to leave it at that. Who knows maybe tomorrow will have one pwnt nomad in store! :D

Until next time...

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