Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Post Contains Gifts From Kuradal

Why is it that when I accidentally make a blog post for the following day that I then don't blog that day? Oh well, it was because nothing really interesting or overly noteworthy happened yesterday EXCEPT ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I broke 14m agility xp!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! I looked at my rank in the hiscores and the very first thing I noticed was that I was on the same page as Jaxana! :D
Look at us on the same page!! :D

I got it at Barb where I ran for about an hour (and convinced Shikari to come run too :D) but before that I was at W46ATAT where I snapped this pic:

Is it just me or does that arrow on the signpost look like a fire hydrant? Every time I pass it I think it's a fire hydrant! And then I go WTF. And then I remember it's an arrow. Every time!

Anyway onto today, I spent the whole day slayin it up! I first finished my living rock task, which was easy and got me tons of xp. Then, I got assigned Jad as a task. I didn't seriously go for Jad but I accepted so that I could kill easy things in the safety of the Fight Caves. Man, times have changed since my early days there! That place was my first and favorite training spot as a very low level player. My boyfriend discovered it and I got many a level in there! I snapped this pic of me actually reaching the Ket Zek, without really trying. I lagged for a good 20 seconds when I died so I was able to get this wonderful pic:

That's right. Kiss the ground. Holy crap I actually almost killed him too!

After that I got a terror dog task. I overpacked food to be sure I was ok and got this lovely picture of the death animation. This face cannot be taken seriously! XD


After that, 185 Spirimages! Woot!

One of my favorite things to do in GWD is to see other people's cleverly put-together outfits that contain all 4 of the gods there. :P I was very excited about this task for more than just the thought of d boots. I was more happy because this happened:

Which then led to this:

Woot!! 89 Attack and 124 combat! I can left click abby demons!! FTW!!!

I got one d boot on my task which turned out to be a good thing because I got 50-some Steel Dragons as my text task. I used the money to get fire runes and some bloods and I quickly pwnt that task to the sky and back. I also forgot to take a pic. :box: I got loads of rune limbs which I plan to make into crossbows soon and many rune bars. :D I was also able to bank a lot of the bones using imp-in-a-box which was pretty helpful. I'll go g altar those sometime. :P

Sooooo I then returned to Kuradal, hoping for something good. I'm not gonna lie, I was really hoping for abby demons. I could tell Kuradal was pleased with my 124 combat and decided to be generous and let me test it out so she gave me abby demons!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Woop woop first legit abby demon task, and I can left click them!!!

I got 185 too! I lasted 2 yips worth before having to leave. I got mimed on the way out and am now 69xp to 40 dunj and 2100 total lvl. :o I still have like 65 to go but I left for the day. No whip drop so far but I have gotten a toof half, 2 rune meds, 2 rune chains, a ferocious ring, and craploads of coins and herbs. :P

It was a very fun filled day. I hope tomorrow is just as good! Gnight all!

Until next time...

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