Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here are some funnies from the past two days, these ones having a common theme of deceit!

Wow, Plur really hit the jackpot at Barrows!

I offer some lovely troll crafting advice and the rest of Canting trolls with me! XD

This morning I caught a few hell rats and cooked up a stew. I was focused on my 93 wc effigy and not so much my 95 mining one. Well, first try and I got 93 wc so I did that one and cheered. Then I looked at my stats and saw my mining right there at 95. I hopped right on it and got it! Woot!! Two bords with one stone! I then had 97 fletch and con... Luckily I found someone for the fletching. He was even doing the fletch animation when he offered his assistance. Woot! I now have this 97 con effigy, like always. Where's Peeky when I need him! If anyone is 97 con and wants some free expeez give me a holler in Canting when you're free!

I did some dunjing last night getting me about 3k till. I then did TOG which apparently last night turned to ADHD TOG... I could barely get 2 drops from a stream before it was gone. I somehow managed to get 101 tears despite losing about half to the green streams... I hoped it was enough, sipped that bowl, and..... 35 xp off. Nowai. So, I ran agility with W46ATAT, went to class, then when I came back I ran until I had to pry myself away (because I still love agility!!!) and run up to Heim so I could cash in 35 tokens and finally I got a level!

Yay! 67 Dunj! Maybe I'll actually get 70 before the end of the year...

I'm snowed in, in real life. I am sooo mad about the probability of missing class tomorrow. I love school! I plan to head out mid-morning when it's light out. I don't want to miss the whole day... Pleeeaaaase melt on the roads! We never have snow this early!

Well, off to kill time until I get tired. I guess I get to sleep in... Yay...

Until next time...

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