Monday, November 1, 2010

End of October Hiscores, Peeky, and Thieving

First off, here are my lovely hiscores to end October:

This month finally brought another 99! People who see me slaying or whatever and stalk my stats will now have another 99 to marvel at. XD Oo, and because of an effigy and some running time I am once again under 800 rank in agil! Everything else is climbing slowly but surely. My attack is getting pretty close to 97 and I am close to another hitpoint level soon which should pump me up to 128 cb! Woo not long before 138's will no longer be red to me! Never got 70 Dunj but that will come in time.

Today I mostly got more stones for the statue. I am loving the little statue bag! When it's in your inventory any stones you get go right to it so it acts as a spacer. No more eaten herbs, bows, or fish! I was going to wait and do them all at once but I got impatient so I put all but 4 on my statue which was quite impressive. I also felt like starchasing so when I saw an Asgarnia star I totally was all over it. I was really wishing it would fall at the crafting guild so I could use my cape as an apron and be all cool! Well, as luck would have it, that's precisely where it fell! Woohoo! I invited Peeky to the star to see my new cape and he came dressed adorable as usual:

He has the rainbow fro! It's sooo cute! And of course, his Peekybeard. XD

We hung out for a long time afterwards and after a game of hide and seek we ended up here staring at Entrana from the outskirts of Falador. :-)

Later on, I noticed I was 30k to a thief level so I decided to finally go play PP and get that.

Yay! 78 Thieving! It's my lowest skill besides dunj. XD And wow I can actually do something! One more level until I can pick everyone in SC! Woop woop!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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