Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh man it's been SO LONG since I last posted! Finally, I have a week off so I can actually get around to doing something...

Today was all about slayer. Yesterday I did my dag task with my dad. We set up our laptops next to each other on the dining room table. I told him to wear his Defence cape and he did. We were twinners and we went to dags on lootshare, because we are just that awesome. Plus, since we're both ranked in Canting, we didn't even have to leave to do it!

We had loads of fun! :P

Today I logged in in the middle of my LRC task. It's one of my favorite tasks because of the mega amounts of xp and I was happy to stay because I knew that this would shortly follow:

Wewt!!! 97 attack already! Only 2 more levels to go! I might actually realize this dream by the end of the year! :D

Once my task was over I piddled around and decided to go Temple Trekking just for fun, so I did a couple rounds of that to take a break from slayer. It was nice to see that the snakes are still glitched. XD

Wheee long snake!

On the way to TT, I spotted an odd stationary macaw duplication glitch:

When I finished after about an hour and returned to the GE to sell some things, I found that this army of macaws had grown considerably:


My next task was velds but I said screw that and canceled, getting 64 irons. They went by quickly and I managed to stay and grind out the full 64 in one trip on 1k casts of fire wave. I left with only a handful of casts and 1 sip of antifire to spare! I then got terror dogs so I tried something new and loaded up a Moss Titan with those healing scrolls and pwned them!

I even got a granite helm drop! Woot... Not too exciting, and it looks like a grey afro, but hey I got their rare drop! Before long my task was demolished and I owe it largely to my leafy friend.

I now have blue dragons but I really didn't feel like doing them. Also, I was only 28k until 96 hitpoints but wanted it NOW and not later so I went to Ardy, turned in 28 penguin points from a few months of spying ones that I saw, and gained that level and 128 combat. Woot!

I feel so pro!

I leave you with this funny from today. I got my hair trimmed this morning and have no more split ends. Yay! Of course I provided Canting with a visual:

My dad is getting 99 slayer tomorrow! Dunno what time yet but he has LRC which is accessible to all so come if you can! Also, he got 99 magic earlier in the week, alone, at ice strykes. He bought the cape, put it on, twirled about, threw it in the bank, put his ranged cape back on, and kept slaying. Silly... :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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