Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Did It!!!!

Wow, this is the longest I've gone without blogging... :o So, so busy with evening rehearsals and what not... I was finally able to play today with some substance! So let's see... first I'll start with a giant picspam from the past few days:

Today the new bank thing came out and woooooooot!!! I am so happy! I cut the ribbon by putting on my explorer's ring while still in my bank. Haha! Oh, and the new equipment screen is pretty cool too. Look, I have lips!

Nice, full lips!

I was dunjing the other day and found someone named Drunknz who was all in green:

That guy was called Ponyboy62 if anyone was wondering...

This morning I took some more action shots at W46ATAT:

There were loads of people there today and I got to show them all my new hawt cape!

Soooooooooooo that brings me to the majority of the day. I decided to work closer on my goal of being able to wield the blastbox on Jeffrey Peak. I started off with loads of dunjuns before receiving a wonderful gift of fire runes from Lillantra and then unlocking all my hidden dunjuns. I also did a fair amount of runecrafting and even some crafting to get 23 to make my own tiaras. So much going on in the life of a low lvl!!

Lots of 9's here!

I of course got several funny bits of commentary. Jagex cracks me up!

Hehe they 'snub' my prayer! Hey, I'm a Man of Osai! I'm quite pious.

Magic energy to the face!

This message is still one of my favorites. XD

I ended up stopping with a little more than 800 xp to 30. Well, I went to the rewards trader to see about my blast box and just happened to notice that I had almost enough tokens for that lvl... I bought them all and ended up 3 xp off! So, I said screw it and ran floor 10 on complex 1 and got that last bit of xp!!!

Yeeeee haw!!!!!!!!

I'm ranked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

(I of course celebrated by opening the maple door, getting 31)

I am soooo tired now! Tomorrow I'll work on 30 mage and rc and then see how much this blastbox sucks! If I like it then I'll save up my dunj tokens for it. It's also skelehorror time on Pie! Wheeeee events all happening now!

Until next time...

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