Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post 400

Wooot! This is my 40oth post! That's a lot of words, stories, and pics!

My Schubert paper is DONE!!!! Rejoice rejoice!!! Now the next thing to worry about is my jury piece, as it's back ordered and my accompanist has no music. I still have no clue what I'm going to do about it... Guess I'll find out tomorrow...

Anyway today I did my desert task! It proved to be very epic in drops and I got 2 lvl 3 clue scrolls...

...and TWO effigies!

The first one was 91 herb so I called on my dad for assistance and he showed up in epic gear:

The next was 93 cooking so now I'm stuck on 95 mining. The next one was 91 RC but it has Jax's name all over it! Yay!

Me getting eaten by a giant.... nevermind.

I now have LRC! Woot! Amg, I could get 92 mining AND do my task, all at once! I'll get on that soon! Before I left strykes though, this happened:


I set off in my first draft crafting gear and headed off to the Basement of D00m in search of some brown spice. I need a +4 boost to my mining and it kept going down by 4. Grrrrr! Once I get it or run out of stew and am exposed to light again I'll take pics of said outfit! :P Until then, here's my epic chathead which somehow perfectly matched what I was doing:

Indy Jones!!

I leave with you this thought:

Remember, PVP is like a bad neighborhood! Right after this, Tanya died. :-(

Also, check out my dream last night. Epic.

Good night all!

Until next time...

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