Monday, January 10, 2011

Randomness this January Day

Well today was filled with all kinds of random! It started with me going to the GE where I came across this:

Tons of knights in the GE! I was a little worried at first but a Jmod was there so I knew it was a planned hax. Right after I took this pic balloons fell and a drop party happened. Hehe it was cool!

Today was an awesome day because TROLLHEIM TABS CAME OUT AMG FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!@@@@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@ The ONLY reason I was not on lunars as my primary magic was due to the fact I could not use the Trollheim patch, but thanks to a long overdue update I did the required task, unlocked that ability, and after spending an hour or so mining clay and then making a ton of home tabs (it's a chipped tab) I hopped onto lunars where I hope to stay for a good long time! I'll only hop back for my mage tasks now!

I then went and did a farm run, using fertile soil for the first time ever and going to the troll patch. I'm so giddy! I kept finding things I could do with lunars all day like refilling my vials, casting fertile soil, and of course plankifying all my mog logs! It's annoying now, because I had about 600, but I got them all done and now will plankify any that I get from evil elders or wyrms. Then it will only be a handful at most and will be fun.

I went to Varrock West to turn those logs into planks and came across someone with a cute name:

Hehe... CountJoshula. Cuuute! :3 He was even dressed like Dracula!

Much later, I discovered I was 29k to my next herblore level. It goes by so fast now that I can make brews! I've never really bought herb supplies... it's all from kingdom and farming. It may go a little slower that way but it's so nice getting my own herbs! Anyway, I was selling the high level herbs I don't use to my dad in exchange for herbs I do use and then we decided to go on a farm run together using our hawt lunar magics to tele around. After that I did a ton of herby and then bought some more stuff from him, until FINALLY I got down to the wire and after buying all his nests and toadflax and selling him the brews back I got an herb level!!!

Woooot 83 Herblore!!

I looked and, AMG!!! I can drink a mature ale and make super antifires!!!!! It's a very good hting that I happen to brew it for cash so I grabbed some calquat kegs and went off in hopes I would get some. Kelda was faithful and gave me 2 kegs of the mature stuff but Phaz had bad ale. lolz It was still enough because in my scramble to get my level I made 50 antifires. Me and my dad went to Uzer to pluck the phoenix dry and once I had 50 feathers I was off...

...paragliding from a jungle eagle...

I made my way to a bank, sipped some of the good harralander soda, and made my first super antifires. :3 Such a big day! I did lots of farming after that and then went back to some more construction with 4 hammers and my newly made mog planks. I burned through it all but had some charge left on the hammer so I dug into my oak plank stash and made more tables until that last hammer crumbled.

I had noticed that a star was on its way and wrote it down, but totally forgot about it. When I remembered, it was 10 minutes past falling so I grabbed my pick and set off to find it. Luckily, I found it on my first stop in Rimmington. I actually saw a bunch of white dots before I saw it and assumed people were going after it but when I clicked on it I got finders! Those others were bots... -.- Having the star to myself didn't sound like fun so I called on Ultralisk, the only other person in Canting, to come help me (lol it was more like pleading... I really didn't want it to take me the full 2 hours) and he agreed and hopped over.

A third bot woke up after a bit and helped with the star but he mysteriously disappeared... Almost an hour after it fell we had gone through all 3 layers and out popped the sprite. I got my reward twice today, because I got one earlier when I scoped a star while making those house tabs that ended up being a size 8 in Misc that Tanya found. More astrals for me! :P

Well I'm off to bed as I'm up long past when I should... I'm so excited to stay spy people tomorrow! Heh heh heh that's one of my favorite games to play... :P

Until next time...

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