Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zomg! My Pa Got 99 Scummon!

Yeahh baby!! My dad has finally climbed another step on the total combat domination ladder by getting 99 Scummoning! All that's left is prayer! He held a very small party with just the two of us, Tanya, and Zach in attendance. We gathered in Taverly for the big event and just days after he bought 1k water talismans, 1k yaks, and a few other things he was off for that golden cape that I hardly ever see ever!

Yeah baby he just lvled! He quickchatted it to Canting too. :P

He sent me the pic he took of him buying that beautiful cape-with-a-wolf. :D

Woooot! He put it on!! :D

No party is complete without the emote. Summoning is one of my favorites!

Gratz again Dad on cape #8! Holy cow I need to get my rear in gear to catch up. :P

Also, he achieved this on the 3rd birthday of the skill. How OWNAGE is that!!!

I leave you with a few funny pics:

Another Canting Smiley Meme now joins others such as >-( , >( , }:-| , and :_) .

Haha I was unaware of this first timer dunj noob message until I opened up floor 1 on Mera Visi.

I set off to begin doing all the quests on yet another account (quest freak, I know :P) and did Ernest the Chicken without a guide (lazy I know). I got the spade and noticed the random grave out back and decided to dig on it in case it was part of the quest. I dug for a bit and then got this "error message." Haha very funny!

And if you're wondering why I have yet another account, good question. Mainly for role playing purposes, which I am doing an awesome job of as of late! Although it really doesn't make sense unless I have members to do Herblore, I am just as content using the context of Runescape to get ideas for Mera Visi's early life. So it's a two-way deal! And, dunjuneering reminds me a lot of Terabi's Realm so that's fun on its own! :D

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