Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Om Nom Cake!!

Ehehehe Jagex released Birthday Cakes and candles today!! After a ton of farming and running agil I decided to go check it out. They said that the party room would drop them as well as a bunch of npc's so I went to Edgy and killed some Men. 8 men later I had 10 candles, 2 cakes, a sling, a clue scroll, and some herbs and bones. Not bad!

I found an agile brother I ran with when I was 98 (known then as Cup 0 Joe, now as iRed Mist) in Edgeville Bank and told him of my adventure. I saved the chat because it so accurately describes my silly journey of making my own birthday cake.

I found out I needed 10 candles and once I had them I added them to a birthday cake, which made it no longer edible. I wondered if it would do something awesome if lit so I got out a tinderbox and lit it up. To my enjoyment I noticed the "Celebrate" option and was pleasantly surprised and entertained. It does a really awesome emote! I throw my cape in front of my eyes and then hold up a cake!

Om nom cake!!!!

The awesome Celebrate option. This doesn't eat the cake so I can do it as long as I like! XD

I then went to do my clue. On the way, I got rooted and came across an evil elder tree at the range guild so I got out my choppin tools and got to work on it. I had also scoped an M&M star and it fell just as the tree finished. My clue was another scroll box too. What's with a 5 step lvl 1?? It fell in Mos Le Harmless which was the last place I looked. Usually it's my first. Upon arriving I found 2 people and a whopping size 8 star! One was my friend Anhakin and the other was someone I did the tree with. Her name was OedipusCmplx. XD

Here we are after we had mined most of it. Anhakin logged by then so it was just us. It took almost an hour and a half for us to mine it all!

I did my lvl 1 clue when it was all done and I got a decent reward:


I leave you a pic of a star I did yesterday with Jax. She often tells me about stars she's scoped and I do them if I'm not busy. One of her friends brought along a tiny pet!

Hehe a Mithril colored dragon staring at the mithril! So cute!

W46ATAT is running Brim tomorrow! Eeee I can't wait! Good night all!

Until next time...

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