Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giggidy Giggidy Let's Dunj!

Got on Faerie Tana and got 40 Defence in preps for tomorrow's free trade. I will give her one of my 2 H2 rune skirts as well as a rune set since I have so many from clue scrolls, using my dad as the middle man. XD {Back on Pie} I also made an iron set and weapons for Jeffrey Peak (since his name is Iron Warrior of the Mountain Tops) and went to the deepest wildy to get new nooby team capes for all my freebies.

Hmm then I soloed a couple floors and got *snicker* 69 Dunj!

Teehee I barely remember the last time I had lvl 69 of something. It was hunter and it was New Years Eve... 2009-2010. XD Soon I'll have 70+ all again! ...too bad my noob thieving is 78 and therefore close to 80 so I gotta step it up and get 80+ all! On one of the starting floors I was standing on a gold key which made it look like I had strange flippers on:


The big news of the day was me and Fred decided to duo floor 34 medium. It took us like 2 hours to do it all but we had a great time and annihilated any sign of life. Neither of us died on the boss which was nice as well! We had Ballak again and he was way straightforward. To get an idea of how long it took to go through to just the boss, my lvl 78 worldbearer timed out right after we killed the boss and went on for the last few rooms. :o

It was totally worth it though because we had fun and I got just shy of 17k xp! I'll have 70 very soon at this rate! Woot!

Well school is in tomorrow so it's time to get into skool mode again. I have clinic this week on Thursday and Friday (where the band holds an open rehearsal that the high school band kids are forced privileged to watch, and their bands perform to be helped by a clinician that we bring in each year to help them get better). That means I have to be there all day to play in the band during the most inconvenient hour ever lunch break the afternoon in addition to 2 performances that will probably be during another royally inconvenient time that the trombone choir is doing in preps for out trip to Seattle. LOL guess what peeps I finally learned how to cross stuff out! Now I can write a whole lot closer to my sense of humor! Oh yeah and our first concert is Saturday. Busy stuff. Oh my goodness.

Well I need to email my professor (Yes, the one who I pretend is Dr. Sorela for those keeping score) my topic proposal and other real life stuff so I'll catch y'all on the other side of the sun! :P

Until next time...

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