Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I really was gonna post yesterday, because I leveled something, but then I decided to play Subspace Emissary on SSBB instead, which was way much more fun than what I had been doing because...

I got 89 con!!! Woooot!

Oh man it was soooo boring, but worth it because I was 5 tools from a level! Fred and I went to Fast SC together and earned us up a storm of tools! I ended up 11k away so I made some oak stuff to push to under 10k and then prepared to try my luck at Heim getting someone over to my house to assist and effigy. It was perfect, because I had done a 20k craft earlier and had 10 left for an assist. I decided to check with Canting just in case someone had one... and Nihil did!!! Woop woop!! So I dragged him to my house, sipped some tea, and unwrapped his effigy, gaining me some fireworks! Woop woop again!! I love it when things work out like that!

Like I said it was really boring doing that hour or so of con, and Canting was mostly quiet because of the time, but I did catch this sort of funny...

Mackenzie is almost mine!!

Today I decided I would play all the games I needed for 200 points and 10 tools. I did Fast SC of course, because for every irksome thing about it that makes me hate it, it's fast and they are very proactive at keeping it combat free, and I would probably still be after 99 craft of it weren't for their tight security system. I did give it a nice new name though:

So yeah... 90 con tomorrow?? :D??

Now here is some randomness:

Happy Birthday to Lesko and Oja Diamond who turned 21 years old today! Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Party on, green and red!

I came across another Tanya at the GE:

While playing SC I stumbled upon 3 of the most amazing pieces of music of this style! This guy excels at making these awesome vids and he has so much stuff on his channel that I haven't even watched them all. If you're into this kind of stuff you can check out my latest song I have on repeat here, and two more like it here and here. Or go to my favorites on my own YT page. I have lots in there. Good stuff! I've featured some of his vids before too, because they are just that good. I can't believe I never saw these before!

Anyways I gotta get up sometime early tomorrow to buy my books for the semester... Heh heh I totally forgot about that until just yesterday... So I can't stay up till 3 like usual and sleep till 1. Good night all!

Until next time...

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