Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Epic Leveling to 2200 // Why I Love Kayla

I did it! I was 4 levels short of 2200 yesterday and I managed to pwn it up and get 4 levels today!!

I awoke to a half-finished grack so I did that until it ran out and then went with Yana to do the penguins for the week. Turns out I had tons more points from random pengs I've spied last week so it cut 41k off my xp and left me 31k till. I then went off and pulled as many outfits out of my house as I could and also cut a few of my gem pile and filled a bucket with water, ate half a pie, etc in order to fill up my bank with junk. Once that was done I took out my astrals, laws, and pouches and then blocked them off with more junk so I could now hit 'bank all' and it would leave my pouches and those runes out. With that done I hopped on over to w70 Ourania and crafted many a rune. It's always funny going there and seeing everyone in an ardy cape and a mud staff. I swear, the logo of Lunars is the mud staff! XD

My hard work paid off and soon...

I had 80 Runecrafting!!!! YesyesYESYESYES!!!! C5Runes all the way babyyyy!!!!!!

Later in the day I figured now was as good a time as ever and with three tools left I headed to my house for some flatpack action. I ran out of planks so I sold some things to buy a couple more and, with ONE mog plank to spare...

Woop woop!! 90 Construction!! That's #11 to go into the 90's! :D

I was looking at what skills I was close to, and most of them are ones that level very slowly (Slayer and HP). Then I looked at my fletching and was only 30k to a level. Sweet! I got out my fletching knife and in the middle of the epic conversation going on in Canting I got a level!

Yay!! 84 Fletching! One more level until legit mage longbows! :D:D

At the end of the night I went back to the HH hunter area that Ultralisk set me up on and charged through my 33k xp until my next level and, after some big fireworks later...

I had 84 Hunter and 2200 total! Woop woop woop oh yeahhhh!!!

Here's a pic of my luuurvely stats at 2200:

Compare with 2100 achieved on June 11, 2010:

Yay 2 more 99's since then and only 2 skills under 80!

Now I want to present to you a very large scale Canting CC picmass I would like to call...

Why I Love Kayla

Right before this, she found out that her astrological sign changed with the random news that they changed it today or whatever. So she got mad and decided she was 101 years old because I guess this happened 100 years ago. Then the following 10-page masterpiece followed. Enjoy!

(this one repeated a few lines)

In the very last screenie of this 10-page convo I caught someone getting evil bobbed in the very top left corner. XD

I love when Canting is like this. So epic and so entertaining! This is why I love Kayla. She's sooo funny and creative and... crazy!! wubwubwub

Good night all!

Until next time...

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