Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stuff... I'm A Weirdo!

Long time no see, eh? Having a life is fun! For the first time since I started this blog I actually have mostly enjoyable things to do in real life and therefore less time and desire to play. I'm just waiting for things to die down or something to come along that will make me want to play more. Or maybe I'm finally becoming unaddicted! Whatevs, I am loving this real life thing! RS ain't goin nowhere and will always be there when I feel like playing.

Anyway, today I got on to chat with peeps and also in hopes of finding someone to dunjuneer with. Well, it was my lucky day indeed because H Alger was asking for a floor that I can do! So, we rounded up 5 people- Kayla, Yana, me, H Alger, and Fred, and did floor 32 large. It was a total disaster, with deaths everywhere, but it was still fun! I had 5 deaths and Kayla had 9, dunno about everyone else but we were dropping like flies! Every room uncovered more and more monsters in the 170cb range. Gross. We all got pwnt hard at Bulwark although getting a promethium pick from an animated pickaxe was nice. I got a nice 20k+ xp reward despite my massive deaths and was still in the mood for another floor so me, Yana, and Fred hopped back in for 33 on 2 man med.

(Fred, me in midair, Yana at the door)

We all died a bunch again iirc but it was fun and a lot shorter. :P We got ballak boss who I've had like once so yeah I got hardcore pwnt. It was lots of fun though and I can't wait to do it again! Yana even got her own Mera Visi Scroll (the herby scroll of renewal or whatever) after the 5 man! Yay!

Right after that a friend I met at spirimages back when I got 86 str and 129 cb invited me to do the Hati Wolf with him so I obliged. Turns out I got there way before he did and mostly tanked it. XD I ran out of sharks so I went to Neit to cook some up and came back. Someone showed up and watched me try to kill it, obviously not wanting to interfere with my solo. I was hoping he would but I didn't feel like typing. Finally, with like 1/4 health left, my friend showed up and it was at that time I finally shouted "Y u no help me kill it??" that the other guy hopped in and we pwnt it quickly. XD

EEEEE it breathes FROST at me with its little MOUTH!!!! [/cute attack]

My friend got his mask and paws right away and the three of us all had our wolf heads on. Eeeee it's so ADORABLE!!!!! We tanked another one before I left to play RCT, then returning to manage my kingdom before gross bad connection internet kicked me off and I did other things instead. Oh yeah, that's another reason I am playing less... my internet sucks for some reason!

Me, I 0WN UR A (my friend) and Omfg o_O LOL sporting our wolfie masks. :3

I am feeling full since me and my mom made "oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies" today. I found the "recipe" online and basically was like... *challenge accepted* and made some! Here's how they turned out after a good baking:

Cooling in the kitchen...

Cookieception... :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

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