Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye 129

Today I didn't do a whole lot of playing but I did get on long enough to go camping at Abyssal Demons with my Hati Paws to get that last 40k xp to my next strength level. Amidst my training I caught this funny by Fangy and Jby:

Pwnt by glass!

In that same shot I also managed to pose for a quick pic of me using my nice SS to earn some str expeez:

Finally, without me noticing until the fireworks of course, I got 87 Strength. Then, more fireworks went off. Woot!! I'm 130 cb already!!!

Pwnage! I never thought I'd ever make it to 130 but here I am!! I'm gonna keep on truckin until I get 99! Then I'll be a big scary red player around 134 or so! :o

Shortly before I leveled, I was afk looking at things while slaying along. I kept getting charms and herbs that looked like a whip but wasn't really getting my hopes up. Then I got a drop that looked more whiplike than usual and sure enough, it was! Woot woot!

Haha that's whip #3 for me, and once again not on a task. I have spirimages so I'm supposed to be getting d boots! :P

I sold the whip for just shy of 3m, which bumped me once again to 60m cash. As soon as I go play SC and use my newfound 80 RC to get a couple of hammers I'll do my new usual of plugging 5m into mog planks and hammering away! I spy 91 con very soon!

I leave with you this picture from last night. I got on for long enough to scope a desert star which fell, untouched, in the duel arena. I like getting finders but I hate soloing stars so I called upon Canting for help and got Wolfhe to come out and mine it with me. We both happened to be wearing our adorableness wolf masks so after the star popped we headed up the ramp for a pic!

"Smile! Say wolfie!"

Notice my cool random outfit. Nothing beats wolf head, v3, heraldic r00n skirt, flippers, SS, ranging ammy, and a team cape I found laying on the floor in the GE. Pwn!

As for real life I finally started writing down a Kiillaanian History story a few years in the making and after filling up several notebook pages got the full version typed up and posted on my other blog so go have a peek!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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